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Halloween makeup for lazy ones

Hey everyone!

Halloween is just about to happen and I had to start thinking about my costume. To be honest, I'm definitely not into those typical costumes, but I still want to dress up for halloween as someone different because I think that can be fun.

When I'm going out on halloween I want to wear something comfortable - to me the best costumes are the ones I don't mind wearing, because they don't disturb me. That's why I decided to go with a super easy Halloween makeup!

I want to be honest on this blog, so I gotta confess something: I discovered this look when I was messing wiht my liquid eyeliner (I know - the outcome doesn't look a lot like messing A LITTLE bit with your eyeliner...). It was a Saturday morning and I was home alone so I had a lot of time to think about a nice look for the day and I wanted to put some liquid eyeliner on my eyes, but this didn't really work out and after trying it for like half an hour I gave up and I just played around with the eyeliner - yup, I'm definitely still a child at heart!

But anyways, let's get to the look! This look is definitely made for everyone who forgot to buy a costume or who was too lazy to think about anything to wear on halloween! I guess everyone can create this look at home without any special halloween material. And if you don't want to waste your eyeliner you may use some black cream eye shadow or even some black mascara!


Before applying the black stripes I started out by applying my foundation, blush, powder... (I'm preparing a foundation routine for you guys - wait for it!) Because I actually planned to do a normal look I applied a base to my eyes and after that I went on with applying the darkest colours of my "quattro"-eyeshadow palette to my crease. Then I went along with applying my golden pigments to my lid. I blended them out with a blender to make them fit the dark brown.

And then I got to my liquid eyeliner. And here the interesting part starts. I started out by drawing a normal line close to my lashes, but that line's already messed up, so no worries about the perfect eyeliner. Just try to draw a line that's close to the lashes!


After drawing this kind of weird line to your eyes you can go on with with drawing some even weirder lines on yor face. I tried to create crosses, but in the end I gave it up and just did some messy lines with the eyeliner. When drawing the lines, make sure you draw some on your eyes too - this will make it appear a lot more dramatic. You can also decide where to put the lines. I decided to put them in kind of a big stripe, but you may also apply stripes to one half of your face, your cheeks only,....


- "I love stage - Eyeshadow Base" by Esssence

- "Quattro Eyeshadow" by Essence (Colour: 05 to die for)

- "Colour Arts Pigments" by Essence (Colour: 01 studio 54)

-"Liquid Eyeliner" by Alverde Naturkosmetik (Colour: black)


- Necklace: Primark

- Small rings: Primark

- Huge flower ring: H&M

- Top: H&M

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