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In memory of 2015

Hey everybody!

2015 is about to end and it's been a year full of experience for me! I've been so busy working on different things that I totally forgot to look back on this year. But I still have a few hours of this crazy year left, so here we go with my five highlights of 2015:

1. Visiting the Maldives

This was definitely the most amazing part of my year: Spending ten days on Kuramathi, an island of th Maldives. This journey was a present from my aunt and I'm so grateful for this present, because it gave me some wonderful memories and simply a great time. We've chilled at great beaches that looked like the ones from a picture book and we've enjoyed the amazing food from the hotel. I've also talked to some natives from

there and I just had an amazing time.

2. Celebrating New Year's Eve with my Best Friend

Ok, I'm sorry for messing with the chronological order, but I just wanted to put the Maldives first, but anyway. In 2014, my Best Friend and I went to a little village with some other teenagers and there we've celebrated New Year's Eve. I'm thankful for celebrating the new year with this amazig girl, because she means a lot to me and I'm thankful for starting this year with such a great person!

3. Starting volunteer work

This is something I definitely wanted to put here, because volunteering is something I can only recommend to everyone. I'm giving private tuition to a younger boy and I'm helping him with German and Math classes. Because he's a deprived child his parents couldn't afford private tuition. The first time I came to his school he ran to me and smiled and asked me if I was his private tutor. I'm also giving private tuition to another boy (but for money) and I usually spend half an hour motivating this boy to study - but with my volunteer work it's a different story: I've never had problems with his motivation. I'm helping him once a week and he always smiles at me and when we're done I'm happy too. Helping others makes you happy and I never believed this, but now I know that it's true. When I go out of his school, I'm smiling because I've met an intelligent boy and because I've done something good. I can only thank the world for giving me an opportunity like that!

4. Getting a straight A in my worst class

Ok, I don't know if that's something you usually find in a list of highlights, but this is something that I want to remember. To understand this point, you need to know that I like maths - but I don't understand a lot. That's why it is usually my worst class. But I've studied like hell for my second class test in tenth grade and that's why I managed to get a straight A in this test! Believe me, I was shocked when seeing my test! But I was proud as well. I'm really happy about this!

5. Going to Corsica

Going to Corsica was definitely an experience! We've witnessed a sunset and a sunrise and we've experienced a lot. Going on vacation together also makes you stand closer to each other and it teaches you a lot more about yourself and the other person. I'd definitely go again and I can't wait to go on our next adventure. If you want to know more about our trip to Corsica, check out the category Travels.

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