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Hey everyone out there!

I guess that the mail changed my perspective on school and talks and so on because I was always like "this could be the last time you're experiencing this". I got familiar with the idea of going to Hongkong for two years (I mean, that's what I wanted) but when you know that you'll be gone you start to value everything you have at home. This week, I had a lot of things to be happy about. First of all: My biology test (which I didn't study for and didn't plan to) was cancelled. It's not like I didn't want to study for it but you guys know that there's Netflix and then you have to decide whether to study or watch some series and most people make the decision I made as well: Netflix. But that's not everything. It would take too long to talk about all the small details that made my week, but I just have to mention one other.

Although I didn't talk to my friends yet I've informed my family this week and believe me, it was pretty emotional. In case you guys have any tips on how to say "I'll move to Hongkong to attend an international boarding school that unites people from everywhere. And I'll go there for two years." I guess you can imagine that my family members were a little shocked. Maybe more than just a little. Although they weren't prepared for news like that they were very happy and wished me a good time. But it wasn't easy for them. I know that it might be a shock but I guess that this was just because they didn't even know about my application.

So many small details together made my week and that's why I've chosen some super sweet details for today's pictures. I'm in love with these cool earrings and my new rings. I just wanted to share them with you guys. I hope you all will have a good week and I i wish you the best!

Lots of love,



Earrings (blue ones and white ones): H&M

Ring (rose): H&M

Small ring: Primark

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