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Memorable Nights

Hello everyone!

Do you guys know these times you spend with your friends when everything is just fine and you always have something to laugh about? I've spent such a relaxed day with my two closest friends. As I've told you guys in my previous post we went to the so-called Cannstatter Wasen. For everyone who has never heard of this: Twice a year we celebrate the "Volksfest" on the Cannstatter Wasen. The Cannstatter Wasen is only a big place which you can rent for festivals, as a circus or whatever. And twice a year, many attractions (roller coasters, fun houses,...) and some big beer tents come there to form the "Volksfest". It's quite cool to go there because it's a cool experience and although I grew up with it it's still fascinating to see all these lights and to go through this place with its pretty cool atmosphere.

Right in front of the Cannstatter Wasen is the "Hall of Fame" (am I the only one thinking of the song?). The "Hall of Fame" is a place where it's allowed to spray-paint. You can find some pretty cool graffiti there. We decided to take some pictures in front of one of the graffiti we liked. We had a lot of fun and it made me realize once again how much I'll miss these amazing people. Both of them mean a lot to me and I hope that our friendship will be stronger than distance.

I've mentioned my best friend a few times but now I also got a picture of me and her for you guys:

As you guys can see we've had some fun in front of the lens. We had a chilled evening and just hung around.

Before we were taking the pictures we went to the actual "Volksfest". I've added a few pictures of some attractions and I hope you guys enjoy them. We didn't go there to really do something except eat. You can get really cool sweets there and you can also buy some really funny stuff. So that's basically everything we did.

I just wanted to share some pictures of this beautiful evening/night with you guys and I hope that you'll enjoy the pictures.

Lots of Love,



- Leather Jacket: Guess

- Pullover: Superdry

- Scarf: Primark

- Jeans: Tally Weijl

- Boots: Laura Biagotti

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