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Ten Perfect Gifts

Hey loves!

Christmas is getting closer and closer and with it also the pressure to find the perfect gift for everyone. But sometimes, we simply have no clue what to get someone. There's always this one relative you see once a year and every year, you try to figure out what to get him. Or this one friend that seems to have absolutely no wish. If you're running out of ideas (and time), here are fifteen gift ideas. These gifts can be given to anyone. Just pick one, get it and wrap it beautifully!


Let's keep it real, we all need hand cream every once in a while and in 90% of these situations, we don't have some with us. Hand cream is especially useful in winter when the skin gets super dry due to the cold. I personally love the hand creams from L'Occitane. They smell amazing and they're super moisturising. They're not that expensive and so it's a perfect gift for people who you don't know that well or who you're just not that close to.


If you have a little talent, use it! Whether your good at baking, sewing or whatever - just do something! When you make something yourself, the person you give it to automatically thinks that you gave their gift some special thoughts and that you dedicated a lot of time and creativity to it. It make the person feel special and they'll automatically like your gift. The bag in the photo is a gift my mom gave to me a couple of years ago. She did it herself and I really love this gift! I've kept it for so many years because it means something to me.


Chocolate is still one of the best gifts someone can give to me. It may be a little bit childish, but it's a lovely gift everyone can use and almost everyone likes chocolate! I think that chocolate Santas are sort of traditional and it's cute if you go back to this childhood tradition!


I love buying gifts at Lush because the store has so many cool and extraordinary products that you can't buy anywhere else. Their bath bombs are amazing because they have unique smells and many of them change the color when being put in water or they contain confetti or other crazy things! I personally never invest in bath bombs for myself so it's a perfect gift for me. However, make sure your friend has a bath tube because otherwise the gift is pretty bad. If your friend hasn't got a bath tube or simply isn't the person for bath bombs, you can still get them something else at Lush. Their shower gels are pretty cool as well and you can even give their products to your vegan friends! Each of us has this one friend who's either trying to be super healthy or who has many allergies. No matter which of the two, you can easily get them a gift at Lush! And if you're super lazy or simply not talented when it comes to gift wrapping, you can buy beautifully wrapped gifts their as well (the gift in the title picture of this post is one of them)!


Whenever I'm travelling, I buy a couple of gifts for my friends. If you're travelling in December or even throughout the year, buy some gifts and keep them to give them to your friends on Christmas! But be careful, this only works when your friends do somehow care about the place you went or the gift has something cool to it that makes it special to your friends (e.g. a black notebook from Paris is still only a black notebook). Try to buy something that's associated with the place you went to and that makes the gift special. And when you buy some gifts for your friends while travelling, they also see that you thought about them while you weren't with them. This year I brought a couple of these cats from Hong Kong to Germany because most of my friends haven't been there and they would like to have something from the place where I live now.


Books are amazing gifts. I love reading and I believe that every book opens the door to a totally new world. But when giving books to someone who loves to read, try to find out beforehand if they already have the book. And you should pay attention to their "taste" when it comes to books. Everyone likes a different genre and you need to make sure you get something your friend likes.


Winter is so cold and that's why it's the perfect season to drink tea! I'm addicted to tea and I love trying out new teas. And your tea can be a travel souvenir but it can also simply be the person's favourite tea. I personally would recommend tea from a brand called "Clipper". Their teas taste amazing and they engage in fair trade. So why not support fair trade with your gifts?


Whoever your friend is, they sure as hell can use a notebook! The great thing about notebooks is that you can use them for basically anything. It's a gift where the person can decide on his own how to use it. Whether they use it as a diary, as a shopping list tracker or simply for scrap notes. I personally would recommend the store Kikki,k to buy notebooks. Their notebooks are super cute, affordable and they inspire everyone to use them!


Whether you're getting a special nail polish or some fancy mascara for your friends, it always works! Just make sure that your friend is using make up and then this is good gift! I often get a couple of nail polishes for some of my friends and then I usually pick some cool colours or even some fancy brands to make the gift a little bit more special. My top tip for a beauty gift is to ask your friends if they are running out of any beauty products and to get those for them. Then you can be certain that it's the right gift and that they'll use it!


Some small accessories for our fingers, arms or necks are always welcome! If you know that your friend likes some particular kind of jewellery (e.g. rings or huge necklaces) you can search for something like that. But if you have no idea, just think about the colours and clothes your friend usually wears and pick something that matches with them.

These are my top ten gift ideas! And don't forget that the way your gift looks also decides about the reaction of your friend - therefore, put an effort in the gift wrapping! Enjoy the holiday season!




Wrapped gift (title picture) - Lush

Hand cream - L'Occitane

Bath bombs - Shower gel

Shower gel - Lush

Chinese cat - Chinese Street Market

Notebook - Tchibo

Mascara - Chanel

Nail polish - Essie, Anny

Bangle - Michaela Frey

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