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17 things I've learned in 17 years

Hey loves!

I've turned 17 a couple of months ago and so I decided to share some of the lessons life taught me in these years with you guys.

1. Make the first step

No one will do this one for you - it's your job. Whether you are thinking of texting someone or starting a project or trying something new - you have to start. Just make the first step and don't stop walking until you have achieved your goal. We all like to wait around sometimes and then we start listing all the reasons why it won't work, but the only way to find out whether we are right is to do it and see what comes out of it.

2. It's ok not to be ok

No one is always happy and it is completely fine to be upset sometimes. It is okay to cry and it is perfectly fine to say that you are not okay when someone asks you how you are doing. We often don't want to put the burden of our problems on others, but I believe that our honesty is much more appreciated than our lies and endless empty "I'm fine"s.

3. Eat Chocolate

Who doesn't get happy from chocolate? See, that's why having chocolate is never wrong.

4. Travel

I'm not talking about tourist trips to big cities or anything like that. When I say "travel" as an advice then I mean go to other places. Places you may have never heard of before. Don't go somewhere to stand in front of a monument and have a photo of it. Go somewhere to live there for a while. Learn to understand their culture, festivities and manners. Learn to understand how the world is perceived in different places. You'll learn about home while being away from it.

5. If you like it, wear it

The only rules in fashion are the ones we write ourselves. There's no reason why you shouldn't wear what you want. Fashion is a way to tell the world who you are and you should show that! It doesn't matter if other people like your style, because it is your job to like it. And believe me, wearing what you love makes you feel amazing.

6. Check on your friends

Friendships are what makes life worth living, but you got to do something to keep them. If they don't text them, text them. We all have busy lives, but don't ever forget about your friends, Keep them close, ask them how they're doing and don't ever stop to show them that you care.

7. Write

Write. About everything. About your day, Your dreams. Your hopes. About anything. Just write. Writing everything down. You can always go back to your writing and some things you wrote will make you laugh, others will make you cry and again others will remind you why you started. Writing helps you to process everything you experience in life and to make things clearer for you.

8. Give something without expecting something in return

Small acts of kindness spread a little happiness in this world and making someone else happy makes you happy. Personally, I love to volunteer and do something good for people. It gives me a better feeling about myself and although one little act of kindness might not change the world, it does make a difference - no matter how small.

9. Work hard

Working hard is the only way to get the work done. So stop procrastinating and go for it.

10. Get up early

At least every once in a while, get up early when the world is still asleep and you can watch it wake up. It is healthy to get up early every once in a while and to give yourself a break from routine. Have a good coffee and a nice book ready and even the earliest morning becomes adorable.

11. Have big dreams

No matter how impossible you dreams may seem, they're not out of reach. I have never thought that I could end up studying in Hong Kong, but here I am. Big dreams should not scare you, they should motivate you to work even harder.

12. Read

Books are incredible: They are only paper on which someone printed some letters, but they can open the door to new worlds for you. They also teach you valuable lessons and get you thinking. And a book is a friend who you can go back to any time. Whether it is at 4 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning - a book always offers you a sweet escape. Personally, I love reading - whether it is a fiction novel or a poem, the piece of writing takes you to another place. What I love most about reading is that you get to wander around someone's imagination. Because that is what you do when you read: You walk around the author's mind and what he imagined while writing. He basically shares a little piece of his mind with you. And all of this happens by starring at some letters on a paper.

13. Be honest

Don't lie. No one likes to be lied to and you will never like the feeling of having lied, so don't do it. It will keep your relationships with others and yourself healthy.

14. Don't judge if you don't know

Everyone has a story, and there is no way that you know everything about them. The girl that smiles all the time might cry in front of her therapist and some might go home to their alcoholic parents. You never know and that's what you should remember when judging people. No one has it easy in life, although it might seem like it sometimes.

15. Don't ever quit

Don't ever quit anything you have started. Even if you don't like it anymore or you feel like it's too hard, don't give up. It will only make you give up more things. If you sign up for something, you commit to something and you should always pull it through. Even if it is not pleasant, you can learn from it. And you should never reject a learning opportunity.

16. Smile

Brighten someone's day with a little smile, And it makes you so much more beautiful.

17. Care for others

Always care. Look out for others. Our empathy is what makes us human, so use it. It's a gift.

I hope some of these lessons are helpful and maybe life taught you guys some similar lessons!

Lots of Love,


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