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Hey loves!

Half of LPC left the college this weekend to go to China as part of their China Week which is an opportunity to explore the People's Republic of China and get to know your peers a little bit better. With almost all firstyears gone, secondyears are supposed to use the week as a Reading Week where they can finish up their assignments. The great thing about this week is that we have no commitments for the whole week and we can allocate our time to whatever we want to. I planned my whole week so I can finish up all the assignments I have left to do but I also took some time aside to spend some time with my friends.

This Sunday, I supported the volleyball team at their second game of the year. It was the first time for us to play on an outdoor court and it was quite challenging to play the game because it was super hot that day. I attached a few pictures of the match for you guys. Although we did not win the game, it was still fun to hang out with each other and focus on the game for a little while. One of the things I love about LPC's sports teams is that anyone can join. Team members are not chosen according to their experience but according to how much effort they are putting in. This gives everyone an equal shot and it is what creates the greta dynamic within our teams.

When I returned to the college on Sunday afternoon, I realised that two of my three firstyear roommates did not go on their trip to China because the teacher who was supposed to lead the trip got sick. They will now be spending their week in Hong Kong. Our school has tried to come up with a special program for them and I hope that they will have a great time despite the last-minute change.

I have quite a few assignments on my to do list but I think that this week is more than enough to work on all of them. I am very grateful that LPC gives us this week because it gives us time to relax and also focus on the items on our to do lists that have been hunting us for the past weeks. It is also an opportunity for us secondyears to bond a little bit more with our coyears. Participating in the reading week made many of us realise that we are really secondyears now and that we only have less than a year left to explore this amazing place.

Lots of Love,


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