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Midnight Poetry

Hey loves!

Over my Chinese New Year break, I have had some free time to explore a few poems. One of my friends recommended some spoken word poetry channels on YouTube to me and I loved them! i decided to share some of the poems with you guys because I found them truly moving and relevant to our lives. Many of them relate to the topic mental health and I found it amazing how much is shared on this topic on the internet. It is a topic that we also widely discuss at our boarding school since the thought of taking your final exams in a few months is rather nerve-wracking and the school wants to ensure that we have a healthy attitude towards it and do not pressure ourselves too much. So here is a short list of some of the poems I fell in love with:


If I had to describe this poem in one word, I would choose heart-warming. It gives you an insight into the feelings of a father who is looking forward to holding his daughter for the first time. Listening to it makes you realise how exciting and nerve-wracking the prospect of parenthood might have been for your parents and it makes you appreciate everything they have done for you.


How do you describe anxiety in a way that makes people understand what it really feels like? This poem tries to do it by comparing having anxiety to having a friends with benefits relationship. As someone who has never suffered from anxiety, I cannot judge whether the image given is perfectly accurate but I can say that it has given me a better insight into what it can mean for a person suffering from anxiety to interact with others and to complete smaller tasks.


This poem will make you grin, want to cry, and build you up at the same time. The poem talks about what happens to someone when a relationship does not work out and how to move on. The poetess manages to describe the things we do when we get our hearts broken with beautiful imagery. I guess this is the perfect poem to listen to when trying to understand a friend who just got their heart broken.


Are you a fan of John Green? This poem is for you! What starts out as a sweet love story, quickly turns into a tragedy which almost would have had a happy ending if it had not been for that one thing. This poem takes an unexpected turn in its storyline and makes you think about how quickly the things in your life can disappear.


As someone who is naturally skinny, I could relate to this poem on so many levels! Many people do not realise that they can seriously hurt someone’s feelings when talking negatively about their weight - and yes, you can also hurt skinny people with remarks about their weight. Skinny-shaming is not hugely covered in discussions on social media or in the press but that does not mean that it does not exist. I would highly recommend this poem to anyone who struggles to understand the perspective of skinny people complaining about skinny-shaming because it does a great job of showing how skinny-shaming presents itself throughout one’s life.

I hope that you guys enjoy some of these poems! And by the way, thank you all for your sweet messages. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Lots of Love,


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