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The Art Of Being Different

Hey loves!

Do you know these moments when you are standing in front of your wardrobe and you are thinking about how others would perceive a particular outfit? Whether they might judge you for it? Whether the outfit really matches the occasion? I know these moments all too well and I often regret not having worn the outfit I really liked.

One of the things that I love about my friend Alex is that she simply wears whatever she wants to wear. Her outfits reflect confidence and self-awareness and that is why I asked her to pick three of her favourite outfits for a photoshoot. We went around campus to take some pictures and here are the results:


One of the things I love most about this outfit is the hat that just gives it this special look. The layering of different pieces and the theme of yellow in the outfit make it look structured while still appearing effortless. Each and every item of this look would be an eye-catcher if worn by itself but I love how together, they create this mix of special items that makes the outfit stand out in any crowd.


This outfit taught me that even rain ponchos can look very fashionable. The look is reduced to the two most essential colours in fashion - black and white. But the drawings on the poncho make the outfit different from typical black and white looks. If you ever get to visit Hong Kong, I would highly recommend investing in a rain poncho because it rains a lot here.


I just love how the colours pop in this outfit because they are combined with such different colours. And when you see the outfit from the back, you discover a new picture that is sewed onto the jacket. I am usually too shy to mix this many colours with one another but I will definitely take this look as an inspiration to go wild with colours every once in a while!

A big thank you to Alex for modelling for this article and bringing three of her favourite outfits! I hope you guys liked the pictures - a lot of work went into this and I am so proud to finally share it with you guys! The one thing that all these outfits have in common is the strong woman who created them. To me, what makes these outfits so beautiful is the confidence they are worn with and I hope that this article inspires some of you to wear the outfits you like best rather than worry about what others will think.

Lots of Love,


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