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October 18, 2020

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Marie Kondo'ing my Wardrobe

August 24, 2019

Hey loves!


I love fashion and experimenting with it, but I have realised that I have collected quite many clothes over the past few years due to trying to keep up with trends but also because I moved around a lot (I studied on three different continents over the past few years) and I was not always able to bring everything I needed. Decluttering my wardrobe is something I knew I had to do for a few months now, but I always put it off because decluttering did not sound like fun. So I decided to make it fun. 


Whenever there is something I do not want to do because I think it will not be enjoyable, I try to find some way to make it better. Turning my decluttering into a video was my way of making it fun and it turned into a project I genuinely enjoyed and I had not expected to smile so much while filming this. I am not a dancer and I usually do not feel comfortable trying to dance in public but filming this video has reduced this discomfort a little. I hope that watching me dance makes you smile too. 


I decided to try out Marie Kondo's philosophy to declutter my wardrobe (which can be summarised as 'does this spark joy?') and I think it was quite successful. You can buy a few of the items which no longer sparked joy for me here. I looked at every item in my wardrobe and asked myself whether it sparked joy. Because I knew that a lot of things I own were things I really liked but never wore, I added the question whether I wore it in the past three years or would wear it in the next three years. And if either question was answered with a 'no', it had to go - even if it sparked joy. Those second questions really made the difference in decluttering for me because they made me part with many more things than I would have otherwise. 


You can watch the video as a premiere tomorrow morning at 10am German time with me! I decided to schedule this video as a premiere because the video was a lot of editing work and I think it deserved to have a premiere. I hope you guys will love the video as much as I love it!


If you would like to send me a message, you can contact me here. 


Lots of Love,




P.S.: I gave my style a little makeover with some of the clothes I kept and you can see the result on my Instagram!


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