My name is Elena Handtrack. I have another first name, Maria, which is why the sign of my blog is made out of the initials M, E and H. I'm from the German town Stuttgart and I love eating ice cream, reading good books and traveling. Another passion of mine is fashion. I love experimenting with different styles, accessories, colors,... 

I also love watching series (I mean, who doesn't?) and I like learning new things. I'm collecting charms and listen to music all the time. I spend a lot of my time with my friends who are the most amazing people I know. And my rabbit probably knows more about my life than anyone else does.

I moved to Hong Kong at the age of 16 to join Li Po Chun United World College and complete the International Baccalaureate. I am currently studying law at the University of Cambridge in England. During high school, I also completed a Human Rights Intensive Studies Certificate at Stanford University. I am planning to work in human rights after my studies.

I created this blog in September 2015 and I write about everything that is on my mind. All pictures on this blog were -if not stated differently- taken by me.

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