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1. Graduate from school


Yes, I graduated! After two incredible years at Li Po Chun United World College in Hong Kong, I completed my IB exams. If you would like to read my farewell article, click here. A few weeks after leaving my high school, I received my grades and you can see my reaction to them here.

2. Visit the Maldives


Going to the maldives was definetely an experience that I'll keep in my heart forever. I've visited them in summer 2015 and I had an amazing there with my aunts who invited me to join them on their trip to the maldives. The flights weren't that great, because after more than twelve hours of being in plane and at an airport you're just looking awful and you're tired but you can't sleep and all that stuff... But then, all of a sudden, you arrive in paradise (and no, I'm not kidding, it literally looks like paradise)! When we've gotten to our hotel we didn't have the desire to sleep although we didn't have any sleep for more than thirty hours - don't be scared, the flight doesn't take that long, but we all had to stand up really early in the morning for catching our afternoon flight, because all of us still had to finish packing (I know, we've had the idea of packing pretty early...). But let's get back to our first day. As soon as we were there we just wanted to discover the island and to see the beach. The sand is literally white. It is beautiful and every morning we could hear the sea and we just enjoyed being on Kuramathi (the island we stayed on). The food was super amazing and I've always been sad when I wasn't hungry any more, because I wanted to try out everything. Our ten days were over pretty fast, but the time we've had was great. I've never had such a relaxing time as there. For real, everything I've done was laying on the beach, getting absolutely nothing done and enjoying it. This was just great. And I've even made some new friends there: I've met some natives that were about my age and we were just chatting about living in Germany and living on the Maldives. This is something I recommend to all of you: If yo have the opportunity to get to know people from another country, do it! It is amazing to see how different and how similar lives in different countries are. So all in all, I've had the best time ever there. For more, check out the category 'travels'.


3. Go camping


Back when I was younger and I was about to create my bucket list, I thought many times about changing this point on my bucket list, because I never thought that I would really do it due to many reasons. One of them was the fact that my mother hates camping and all other kinds of vacation that include being sourrounded by untouched nature all day. But one day, my best friend asked me to join the scouts and to be honest, I wasn't that excited about the idea. But I didn't want to leave her alone, so I went to a meeting from them and I was suprised by how cool it is to be a scout. I've been camping with the scouts several times and I've always enjoyed it.


4. Learn Chinese


5. Donate blood


I would have loved to be able to tick this off my list, but unfortunately, I am not allowed to. Before donating blood, you have to take a little quiz about any illnesses you have and medication you take. This is done to ensure that the blood you donate is safe to use. Since I have multiple chronical illnesses and often have to take various medications for them, I was not allowed to donate.

6. Take a photo everyday for one year


7. Do some volunteer work


Doing volunteer work has always been something that I wanted to do. But to be honest, I never knew how. Then I discovered that you can do some volunteer work like tutoring. I've started doing this in summer 2015 and to be honest, it's one of the best things I've ever done. Whenever I come back from my lessons (I'm a tutor to a refugee child), I'm happy and relaxed. It's true what some people say about voluntee work: Making others smile makes you smile too.


8. Witness a sunrise and a sunset


I've done both on the same day: Back when I was in Corsica with my best friend we saw both the sunrise and the sunset on one day. I totally recommend witnessing a sunset from a hill or something like that, because it looks awesome from there and it is simply beautiful. To me, watching the sunset was one of these moments that make you value life, because life gives you the opportunity to see all the worlds beauty and lets you enjoy it. 


9. See the northern lights


10. Learn to play the piano


11. Go on a road trip

Did it! I explored a few European countries with my mom in 2016 and you can read about our journey here. This was my last vacation with my mom before I moved to Hong Kong and I am so glad that we went on that trip.


12. Go to university

I started university in October 2018! I chose to study law at the University of Cambridge and you can find out more about my first days at Cambridge here. I ended up doing a year abroad at the University of Regensburg before returning to Cambridge in 2021 to finish my final year. I graduated in 2022 and then actually graduated from university again a year later. How? I got a master's degree at the University of Tübingen.


13. Live abroad for more than a year

I moved to Hong Kong in 2016 and went to school there for two years. I could only attend an international boarding school in Asia thanks to the UWC foundation so thank you so much! If you would like to know some of my thoughts on my time in Hong Kong, you can find my farewell letter here.


14. Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands


15. Put a message in a bottle and put it in the sea


16. Tie messages to balloons and let them go


17. Go to New Yorks Times Square


18. Attend a fashion show


I actually did this as a kid! My mom took me to a fashion show from a fashion school. The students presented their final exam, which was a collection designed by them. Everyone presented their own collection and it was a wild mixture of styles. It was definitely not a typical professional fashion show that you probably thought of when reading this item on my bucket list, but I absolutely loved it! As a child, I would always look at fashion magazines and cut out the items I liked and then put various outfits together with the cut-out-items. Going to the school's fashion show was an incredible experience for fashion-obsessed little me.

19. Finish a "Wreck this journal"


20. Get my license


Done! I got my license in 2022. I actually tried to keep it a secret to surprise my dad and my boyfriend with it, but they figured out rather quickly that I was doing it. I am glad that I did it, but it was insanely expensive.

21. Attach a lock to a love bridge


22. Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back


23. Go to the top of the eiffel tower

I've been on top of the Eiffel tower for two times and it's an amazing experience. Paris is such a beautiful city and whenever I go there, I'm fascniated all over again. Paris is one of my favourite places on planet earth. The Eiffel tower is pretty important to me because it was the first thing I visited when being in Paris. And there's something I find quite interesting about the Eiffel tower: On its first platform are written the names of some important scientists. I know that's probably not the most interesting fact about the tower, but I think it is quite special. I found out about this when doing research about one of the scientists for school.

If you guys want to know about my trip to Paris on which I took this picture, you can read about it here


24.Read "The great Gatsby" by Fitzgerald (in English, of course)

Did it! If you want to know my thoughts on the book, check out my article about it here!


25. Write a book


It feels so weird to actually be able to tick this item off the list. My book is written in German and it is about studying. If you want to read it, you can get it here.

26. Visit an old European castle


27. Go into an airport and buy tickets for a random flight


28. See the statue of liberty


29. Play hide and seek in an IKEA

30.  Write a daily journal for one year


31. Visit the Louvre in Paris


And there's another thing I love about Paris... yup, I'm definitely inlove with this city! The Louvré is one of the most impressive museums in the world. Although there are almost too many people who want to visit it, you don't feel that when being inside. The museum is so big that you can't see everything in one day. 

I love watching the sculptures there because this is the place that makes me feel like I'm in a different time. I'm not really into sculptures, but whenever I'm there, the room in which they are is the most interesting one to me.

You can check out my article about my trip to Paris here!

32. Sleep under the stars

Check! When I was in Corsica with my best friend we slept under the stars in our last night. It was a really cool experience and I'd love to do it again! It's an amazing experience to lay in the grass, watch the sky and see all these beautiful lights... and we're looking in the past when watching the stars because the some of the stars we see don't exist anymore. 

33. Visit a chocolate factory


34. Host a surprise party for my mom because she's amazing


35. Do something that scares me

Moving to Hong Kong without really knowing what to expect was probably the most scariest thing I've ever done. If you want to know what I did there exactly and how I felt after being in Hong Kong for a little while, you can read about it here.

36. Have a perfect day


37. Visit Stonehenge


38. See the hobbit huts in New Zealand


39. Visit the Great Wall of China


40. Go on the skydeck in Chicago


41. Visit Cinque Terre


42. Leave a note in a library book


43. Walk through a Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan


44. Set foot on all seven continents


45. Stay in an ice hotel


46. Visit the Waitomo Glowworm Cave in New Zealand


47. Make a crayon melt


48. Write on Juliet's Wall in Verona


49. Visit the Niagara Falls


50. Visit the biggest library in the world


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