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Donuts and poems

Welcome back!

In the moment, I'm enjoying my holidays (but as sad as it is they only last one week...). I started preparing for the SAT, but I gave it up after 300 pages and something - I know, I'm being way too lazy and I will have to study for this test but in the moment, I just fail at it.

To the Americans this test seems to be pretty important (at least that's what they tried to make clear in my practice book), but in Germany, this test is actually not even known. We don't need this test to enter a college, but I'm thinking about studying abroad and that's why I decided to take this test. I literally have no idea whether I'll pass this test or if I'm just gonna fail it. Usually, I'm being a quite good student, but this test is different than the normal class tests we take in school. That's why I don't know how I'm gonna do in this test. But I'm gonna keep you guys updated about my SAT!

But let's get to the more interesting part of my day: A beautiful and yummy Donut! (Ok, I know that this is weird...) But I just love Donuts! I got a few Donuts at Dunkin Donuts today and yep, I fell for them! Because this are my holidays I just kept chilling today and got absolutely nothing done.

At least I made it to read through two books (they're not that long - don't wonder!). Both are written by Lang Leav and contain some amazing poems. I couldn't stop reading them - they just hit the point! I had to get the books via Amazon cause I wanted to read these English books but they weren't available in Germany. They're beautifully written and they really do inspire you. Just loved them! The books are mostly about love, but you can relate to all of them! They defintely became some of my favourite books. The books are called "Lullabies" and "Love & Misadventure".

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