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Summer Dreaming

Hey guys!

It's just getting cold outside and I don't want winter to be here already! I'm so not ready for these cold days when you gotta wear ten jackets and you're still feeling cold. And I'm sure as hell not ready for this weird mixture of snow and rain. Do you know these snowflakes that look like snow but they are only rain and then all streets end up looking ugly?

So yeah..... That's why I decided to go back in time and to think about this summer. This summer was a weird one. I usually always have a plan in my life and I never go somewhere without knowing what I want to do, but this summer I didn'thave a real plan. I only knew that I would be going to Corsica with my friend - but we did not really know what we would be doing there. We just wanted to do something. But going to Corsica was defintely an experience.

We went there with a group of other teenagers (and we didn't know anybody..). Getting to the island took us more than 30 hours. That wasn't that much fun. But the island was amazing. It was definitely worth the long travel. We stayed close to the sea on a camping site and it made super much fun to chill all day, get absolutely nothing done and to be simply not productive at all but happy. Our days on Corsica were one of these days when you can sit down for ten minutes in absolute silence and nothing comes to your mind that still needs to be done (yup, that's a clear sign that you don't have school). It was just relaxing.

I don't want to say that everything was perfect - believe me, it wasn't. But it made fun and we didn't care too much about the not-so-great-things. The only thing that really freaked me out were the showers. They were simply awful, but that also teached me that I'm able to shower in less than an hour!

I can't wait to get to the beach again, because it was such a great feeling to sleep in the sun and to not have anything on your mind for a while. Another thing I just have to mention is that we witnessed a sunset when we were staying on Corsica and it was one of these moments that make you value life because you realize how much beauty is out there to be explored. It was one of those moments that make you proud to be alive. It is really cool to witness a great sunset and I hope that all of you guys get to do that at least once in your life.

I'm missing summer just so much, but I guess winter will come anyway. I just wanted to go back in time for a moment and to think back of the beautiful sun and the magic of vacation. I guess it worked for now but I'll have to get comfortable with winter. Although there are already a few reasons to love winter. I'll upload a list of my favourite aspects of winter soon!

Lots of love to all of you!


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