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Hey guys!

Today's article is all about brushes. I'm one of these people who own way too many brushes but think that they need them all. When I was younger, I applied almost everything except powder with my fingers (I know - worst thing you can do..) and that caused pimples and other skin problems. Another point was that I wasn't able to truly work my foundation into my skin. Today, I'm sharing a quick brush guide with you guys to make it easier for you to find the right brush!


Ok, if you wanted to buy only one brush, then it should be a foundation brush. In the picture you can see four different kinds of foundation brushes. The one on the left is a foundation brush that will give you a middle to full coverage look with your foundation. To work your foundation in, you work it in with the brush. Try to use lines instead of circular motions. The brush next to it is another br

ush for middle strong coverage. This brush can be used with circular motions (less coverage) or you can dab in your foundation with it. The second brush from the right gives you a natural but no real coverage. With this brush, you should work your foundation in in circular motions and this will make it look natural. The brush on the right is a buffer. You can either dab, work with lines, or use circular motions or you can do a combination of all three. This is a brush that can be used for all levels of coverage.


This is the only concealer brush I own, so sorry for no variation. This brush is perfect for applying conealer on pimples or other flaws to cover them up but I don't really like it in my under eye area, because it is too rough and this doesn't feel good in this sensitive area. I recommend using a beauty blender for applying concealer to your under eye area.

You may also use a brush that looks like the second foundation brush from right to put concealer under your eyes, because these brushes are soft and withthat they won't hurt when being used in this area.


To apply my powder, I like to use a big fluffy brush that's super soft and distributes the product evenly on my skin. This brush is perfect, because it gives you a natural finish and won't make your face lo

ok caky. I like to use dabbing motions to make sure I don't ruin my coverage, but if you're in need of coverage, you may use circular motions.

All powder brushes I've been using so far have been big ones - except for my setting brushes. The picture on the right shows you my current setting brush. I bought this brush on Fuerteventura and it is amazing. I use it to set my under eye are with a transparent powder and to "bake" (when I'm having time for that what doesn't happen that often).


Whatever the blusher brush you use, make sure you're comfortable with it. I've been using the two brushes for more than a year by now and to be honest, they give you the same outcome. You only have to decide which brush makes the application easier for you.


The picture on the left shows you the two brushes I'm using for applying my bronzer. I'm using the one with the bevelled hair to contour my cheeck bones and then I like to blend the contouring out a little bit with the help of the red brush. The red brush is actually a powder brush but it is so small that you can use it for bronzer too. When contouring, you shouldn't go for circular or dabbing motions, you should try to work in lines. In case you suffer from pimples or acne on your cheecks you can try out dabbing in your bronzer to prevent taking away the coverage you created by drawing lines.


The picture on the left shows you the two brushes I'm using for applying my bronzer.

For highlighting, you can either use a blending brush or a fan brush. I personally prefer a fan brush, because it makes applying the highlighter a lot easier. It is perfect for beginners, because it prevents applying too much highlighter.

In case you want to play around with your highlighter and use it in different ways, you should go with a blending brush. When using a blending brush for highlighter you should take care that you don't apply too much highlighter, because a blending brush tends to give a lot of his pigments away at once.


Brush No 1 is a brush that can be used to put a transition colour into your crease. The second brush is another blending brush and it's perfect for adding some darkness to your outer V. Brush No 3 can be used for anything. You can apply your eyeshadow to your lid, crease, outer V or under your bottom lash line. No 4 can be used for applying eyeshadow to your lid. It's perfect for getting an even finish. Brush No 5 consists of silicone and is perfect for applying lose pigments. No 6 is perfect for creating an eyeliner or other fine lines.

I hope that I could help some of you guys! In case you are interested in any of the brushes, here's a list of all brushes that were shown in the pictures:

- Chanel foundation brush No6

- MAC foundation brush No 130

- MAC foundation brush No 188

- ZOEVA Buffer brush No 104

- Chanel Concealer brush No 10

- Ebelin Powder brush

- Real Techniques Setting brush

- Real Techniques Blush brush

- Ebelin blusher brush

- Dr. Hauschka brush

- Real techniques Sculpting brush

- Ebelin fan brush

- Ebelin blending brush

- Ebelin Eyeshadow brush

- Brush No 3 is a no name brush sorry :)

- Essence pigments applicator

- Boulevard Cosmetics Brush


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