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Hey everyone out there!

As you guys know I've been staying on Fuerteventura for this week and it's been an amazing journey. The weather was being fantastic and it was just great! To me, this sunny vacation was a surprise, because I didn't expect it to be that warm. I actually expected to experience a vacation like one at the North Sea.

I've stayed at an Iberostar Hotel and it was my first time in one of their hotels. The hotel had an amazing service and everyone there was being super nice and they had a cool program. I've tried out archery and it was really cool! It reminded me a little bit of Panem (just had to mention it...).

The island itself is really beautiful and it's definitely cool to go here in winter, because it's like having summer for a few days again! The beaches I've seen were super beautiful and I was surprised that the island still has some untouched nature. Of course, you can also go into areas where you only find hotels and shopping centers (but the island isn't the best place for shopping to be honest). I've bought some brushes by Real Techniques here, because I couldn't get them in Stuttgart. But you shouldn't go here to shop. I've also visited an African market, but I wouldn't recommend going there, because the market wasn't that great. To be honest, most stands sold fake handbags and that wasn't what I was searching for.

For everyone who's into beaches, sea and sun this island is simply perfect. You can just hang around and chill. I really enjoyed being here and getting nothing done. It's really cool to have a little break from your real life. I don't want to go back to Germany already. I know what's waiting for me in Stuttgart - winter. I'm so not ready for wearing my boots again and freezing whenever I leave the house. I mean, I've worn shorts and tops for the last week. It's really weird to fly back to winter now.

But I can't wait to see my rabbit and my friends again! I've really missed my best friend the last days and I'm gonna meet up with her on Saturday. As sad as it is, a lot of school work is waiting for me at home. I'm always taking my school work with me and I'm always hoping to get something done on vacation - and I neve rget anything done. Anyway, I'll have to work this out on the weekend but I guess it's going to work somehow.

Lots of love,


The first picture was taken by Jutta Brenner, the rest of the pictures was taken by me.


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