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Sun. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.

Hey guys!

After having spent New Year's Eve with my Best Friend I went to Fuertevetura. This super small island welcomed me with more than 25°C (what was pretty exciting for me because I left Germany in a coat and boots). I'm back in summer clothing and enjoying this summer.

I usually try to make plans for my vacation, but this time I just went unprepared. It is pretty relaxing to simply hang around, swim in the sea, sleep a little bit and then do the same thing again. I haven't seen a lot of the island to be honest, but I've had a great time so far and to me, this vacation is just for chilling.

When I packed my things I didn't expect to need shorts and tops so that's why I've packed too warm stuff and the first thing I've done here was buying summer clothes. It was a shock to end up in a summer paradise, because I was expecting something that's more like the North sea and less like a sunny beach. But sometimes I'm lucky and I get something I didn't even wish for!

If you're thinking about going here, you should definitely know that this island consist mainly of desert-like areas and hotels. Here isn't that much more. I expected a lot more shops and restaurants, but here aren't many.

Let's see how this vacation will be going. I'm going to leave the island at the evening of the 8th of January. I'm not ready to go back to winter in Stuttgart... And I'm definitely not ready for school!

Lots of Love,



- Shorts: Mango

- Top: Tally Weijl

All pictures were taken by Jutta Brenner.

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