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Strawberries & Question Marks

Hey everyone out there!

First of all: Happy Valentine's Day to you all! My holidays are almost over (one week isn't enough...) and I just relaxed and enjoyed having some free time. I've spent most of my time laying on my bed and getting absolutely nothing done - just loved it. I don't know why but I just had the desire to chill a little bit and it was amazing for me. I've also met up with my best friend and we've cooked and talked for hours. It's just a really cool feeling when you know that you don't have to set an alarm for the next day. The bad thing is that I'll have to work on my school stuff on the weekend, but let's get back to my holidays.

I've read a pretty amazing book called "What if?" and it's a hell of fun to read through it. The book consists of a bunch of crazy questions like what would happen if every human on earth would jump at the same time (I still didn't figure out how you think about a question like that) and the author - who has to be a genius in my opinion - answers them. The answers sound super smart (I guess they also are) and it's really cool to read through it because these questions are super interesting and the answeres sound smarter than Wikipedia. This book has a lot of question marks but every questions is answered in the end.

I know I once said that I would never write an article about food or something like that because I'm terrible at cooking and preparing snacks or whatever. But I just have to mention my two new favourite snacks. Ok, they're actually desserts but you know life's short so have dessert first (I would really like to know who said that to celebrate the author).

The first snack/dessert I've been loving is a cake inside a jar. Ok, that sounds really weird but it tastes amazing. You can buy these cakes from a brand called "Schneewittchens sieben Sterne"(wordly transalted: Snow white's seven stars) and you can also get jars with unfinished cakes. They just put most of the ingredients in the jar and you have to add a few and then you have to put it in the oven. But you guys know me, I'm more a lazy person so I went with the already baked version. You can keep them for the months in the jar and they taste pretty good.

And now to the next dessert. I've discovered it in an App called "KitchenStories" (I really don't know why I downloaded an App about cooking). The App is for free and it has some pretty cool recipes in it. The dessert is called "Strawberry Cheesecake" and it tastes amazing. I've added some pictures of the dessert. I love eating this because it is super delicious and you can prepare it very fast.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little food article and I'm wishing you all a happy Valentine's Day!

Lots of Love,


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