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Wardrobe organization

Hey guys!

I hope you're all having an amazing time out there! I'm currently home being super sick and that's why I didn't post anythig on Sunday. Sorry for that. I got sick this Friday when I worked at a school party because I'm in year 10 and all persons from grade 10 have to organize this party together. It was a real challenge for all of us but it worked out somehow. I worked a lot on that evening and I guess it wasn't that good to walk from the gym back to the school house (for way too many times) in a summer dress - and in high heels, of course.

Because I couldn't do that much due to the fact that I'm ill I decided to share some of my favourite wardrobe organization hacks (what a long combination of words!) with you guys. So here we go with my top five tips for an organized wardrobe:


I love to put order in my hanging colthes by ordering them by the help of their colour. I start with my white shirts and dresses and end the line with my black clothes. It's quite helpful to use the colours because it makes choosing an outfit so much easier. I tend to choose my outfit in dependence on my mood and so it's very helpful for me to know where I find the happy colours and where I have my black stuff. It also looks beautiful when you open your wardrobe and the hanging clothes look like a colour gradient.


Every girl knows the struggle when you have a lot of clothes and a small wardrobe. I used to have a very small wardrobe and it was very helpful to store clothes from other seasons under my bed. So I stored my winter clothes in some boxes over the summer and this saved me so much space! It also makes choosing an outift (which is one of the biggest problems girls have) a lot easier because you only have clothes in your wardrobe that you can wear at the moment. I used to search throug pulls and warm jackets for a summer outfit which just didn't make any sense.


A big problem I used to have was that I didn't put order in my clothes and so when you opened my wardrobe you found a heap of clothes. That's why I decided to put clothes of the same kind at the same place. I have a little corner for my trousers and one for my scars. This makes it a lot easier to find them when you need them.


For me, jewellry is a must when it comes to weaing an outfit. In my opinion, an absolute basic-looking outfit can become super special by simply adding a big necklace or some other cool accessories. But you also have to store your accessories and it's not that easy to find a good way to myke sure that you can always grab them and that they're not laying around and can get lost. I love the solution Ikea

offers. They have some really cool stuff to store jewellry as you can see in the picture. Another thing I highly recommend is putting some jewellry in you wardrobe and to put the jewellry you don't wear that often into boxes and to store them under your bed or wherever you have space. This makes sure that you always have enough space in your wardrobe.


When it comes to storing shoes in your wardrobe there are many opinions. I personally don't like puttign all my shoes in my wardrobe because shoes smell and then all your clothes smell really weird. That's why I prefer having a shoe cupboard. But I also have some shoes in my wardrobe becuase they're special and I just having them there (ok, that's weird). But if you want to keep some shoes in your wardrobe I recommend using some newsprint after you've worn them. You simply have to put the paper inside the shoe and then you leave it like this for around two hours. The paper takes away the moisture and with that the smell. Then you can just put them back in your wardrobe or your shoe cupboard.

I hope you guys enjoyed these tips and I'm wishing you the best!



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