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What's in my bag?

Hey guys!

I hope you're all doing well and that you're having a good time! I had a math class test this week and math tests always make me nervous - that's why I'm really happy that it's over now. When I'm already talking about school, here' some information on how it's going with my place at the Li Po Chun United World College of Hongkong (what a long name... But I've told you guys about it in my "Big dreams" article): I got a scholarship because my parents can't afford the school. They'll also contribute something to the school fees. For everyone who's thinking about applying and worries about the money: Don't. I'm in touch with most of the others that got into a College and I can tell you that money doesn't decide whether they'll go or not. They really mean it when they say that money won't be a problem.

I took this cute picture of my rabbit today and I just wanted it to share it with all of you. Her name's Mümi and I'm sure that I'm gonna miss her so much when I'm moving to Hongkong. But I'm also super excited on the other hand because Hongkong is a super big city and I can't wait to explore it. More and more friends already know it and although they're very happy they also told me that they're going to miss me and it's quite hard for me to hear them say that because I know that I'm going to miss them too.

Ok, but that's enough about any negative things. Let's get to the positive ones. Because I took this cute picture of my rabbit I decided to do a little "What's in my bag" (without my rabbit, of course). So here are my things that I always take with me in my bag:

These are just my must haves: My keys (with these adorable lips by H&M on them), my headphones and my sunnies. I also have a small bag in which I keep business cards, my passport and notes and just stuff that I don't really need all the time but I just want to have it with me. I love having some sunglasses in my bag because I always need them. No matter if I just want to hide my eye rings, look fancy or whatever - they're an all time favorite accessory.

But that's not everything I keep in my bag. When I'm wearing a huge bag, I also like to have another small bag in it. I'm so in love with this cute black blag. I just love the slogan on it and whenever I take this out, people are like "OMG where did you get that it looks amazing." I like to keep some beauty essentials in it that I just need sometimes. This bag is always packed so when I leave the house I don't have to search my stuff. I can just take the bag and go.

In this cute bag, I keep my mascara because sometimes I like to put no mascara on and then I realize it was a mistake. I tend to realize when already being out of the door and being somewhere else. That's why I like to have a mascara with me. Another item I keep in there is a hand cream. My hands tend to get really dry in winter and that's why I like to moisturize them a lot. In case I grow tired of my mascra over the day I have my eye mac up remover that is amazing. I love it because it doesn't make me cry. But it's not only about looks - it's also about the smell. I got this cute pocket version of my perfume Boss orange and it's super practical. I like using it when I have a long day and I just want to feel fresh again. And last but not least: Concealer. I always have concealer with me because it's a product that you can use for so many things and everyone needs it at a time. No matter if you just realize that the eye rings Netflix caused are visible or that a little friend appeared on your face. It doesn't matter but I believe that everyone needs to have some concealer with them. I never regretted taking it with me.

Of course I also take my phone and my purse with me but I thought that wouldn't be that interesting for you guys. I'm wishing you all a great time and enjoy the pictures of Mümi!

Lots of Love,



- Yellow bag: ZARA

- Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana

- Headphones: Beats by Dr. Dre

- Small bag in rose: Pacha

- Small bag in black: H&M

- Key fob: H&M

- Mascara: Chanel

- Hand cream: L'occitane

- Eye make up remover: Bebe

- Perfume: Boss

- Concealer: Chanel

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