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Weird angles

Hello everyone out there!

I'm so happy to finally be able to say that my holidays started. I really like going to school, but it's even better not to go. When I finally sat down yesterday and tried to enjoy my holidays, I realized what a touching and rough week it was.

I was at home on Monday and Tuesday because I was sick and when I woke up on Tuesday, I read the news about Brussels and it just made me really sad. It was very touching for my family because my mother used to live in Brussels and she got to work by Metro and used the station where the terror attacks took place. I can't understand why people do things like this to other people and I can only hope that this will stop. I'm hoping the best for the people who have lost someone due to the attacks and I hope that we will find the persons who are responsible for this.

When I went back to school on Wednesday (my last day of school), something more than just amazing happened. In my article about my memories of 2015, I wrote about getting a straight A in my morst subject: Mathematics. I guess we all know the struggle with maths. The unbelievable happened - again. I couldn't believe it! I don't like talking about grades, but to me this is not just a grade but a reason to celebrate! It showed that hard work really pays off. I've put a lot of effort in my math grade and to be honest, I didn't think that it would pay off that much but it did. So if anyone thinks about getting his math work done, do it because it will pay off.

I'm so excited to have holidays now. I have a lot planned for my holidays, like going to the first Communion of my little cousin, working with children for a week and meeting up with one of my closest friends who I haven't seen in a while. Yep, I'm definitely having plans. And I really want to finish the book I'm reading in the moment: "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. It's a classy one, but I wanted to read it for a long time and I owned but never opened it. Then I was kind of inspired last week and started reading it. It's pretty amazing so far. But I'm gonna write a detailed post about it when I'm done with it.

I've spent today's morning hanging around and that's why I decided to take a few shots of some of my new favorites! I just love these shoes! They're super comfortable and they look amazing. Because I was laying on my bed most of the time, I took the photos from some kind of weird angles, but I hope you like them anyway.

And last but not least: I can't wait for easter! My best friend got her present already because she leaves for Denmark tomorrow and I didn't want to give it to her when easter's already over. I got a little present for my mom and a carrot for my rabbit. I'm wishing you guys a nice easter and simply the best!




- Shoes: Carrie Latt

- Jeans: Tally Weijl

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