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Hello Spring!

Hey guys!

It's been an amazing week and I don't know where to start. Let's get back to the beginning of my holidays. I wrote about in my last article and I've already told you guys that I'm planning to work with children, meet an old friend again and so on...

I decided to go with a chronological order because I just realized how many things I've experienced in my holidays! The first event that took place was easter. We're not religious at all, but we celebrate easter because we simply like the idea with the rabbits and searching eggs and so on. It's especially cool for us because we own a rabbit (her name's Mümi.... if you haven't seen her yet, check out her cute pictures in one of my past articles).

On Easter Sunday, I met up with an old friend. Her name's Annika and she's my former babysitter but we became friends and by now we simply meet up for fun. We had an amazing time and talked a lot and we also tried to bake some chocolate muffins but we failed. I know that you can't really fail at this but we made it. Our muffins didn't have a taste. When you ate them, it didn't taste like chocolate or anything else. It was the taste of nothing. But we had fun anyway. I'm so glad that I could see her again because it took us a while to find a date when we both had time and that's why we didn't see each other that much in the past months.

When easter had been over, I started working with children. I worked at a so-called "Waldheim" (literally translated forest home). A "Waldheim" is basically a child care for the holidays. It's a lot of fun to work there because you meet interesting people, you usually take care of pretty cool kids that have fun. I had a boy group and we did a lot of interesting stuff over the week. It's of course also exhausting but it makes a hell of fun.

But I haven't talked about the coolest thing we did yet. We tried out playing bubble soccer. Have you ever heard of that? Well, I hadn't until they showed up with some giant bubbles at the child care. The staff tried the bubbles out of course. I added some pictures of us playing bubble soccer. It made so much fun and if you ever have the chance to play bubble soccer, go for it! It's a weird feeling to be in a bubble and to be able to fall down and not hurt yourself, but it's funny. We ended up fighting, because it's even funnier to try to roll the people with their bubbles around than to play football with them. But I guess it didn't matter that we didn't play because we all just had a good time.

The weather wasn't the best everyday, but at least today the sun came out. When I got home today, I saw the blossoms of this beautiful tree and I just had to take a picture for you guys. To me, this was like the first sign for spring. I can't wait to go back to summer fashion, sunnies, suncream and heat. I hope that all of you had some cool holidays and that you'll make it to get out of bed on Monday. I personally don't have a problem with getting out of bed, but I have to study a lot tomorrow because I have three exams next week and I guess I should study (just kidding, I know that I have to). I'm wishing you all the best!

Lots of love,


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