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Back in the picture frame

Hey guys!

In the past days, I tried to look at my blog the way other people would look at it and I've realized that I haven't uploaded a picture that shows me in ages! I like taking photos and that's why I'm not that often in front of the lens, but I'm trying to be present on my website.

Because I'll probably move to Hong Kong what is far, far away from my hometown, I started looking at my city with different eyes. I try to keep the beautiful images in my mind and to make some nice memories. That's also why I had this picture taken on a bridge. To you, this is just a bridge somewhere but for me it'll be a memory in a few months and I just wanted to keep this memory. This place is pretty close to my home and I cross that bridge a lot of times.

I really don't know how to describe my feelings about moving away at the moment. On the one hand, I'm super excited and I can't wait to get to know my new school and to start over. But on the other hand, I'm currently in a weird situation, because some of my friends already know that I'll leave and others don't have a clue. It is a strange feeling when you talk with others about your subjects for you A levels and what sports you'll do next year when you know that you won't be there anymore.

Don't get me wrong guys, I am so grateful for getting this opportunity and I'll definitely do it but I just don't know how I'll tell all my friends and how I'll say goodbye to them. You have to imagine that I always thought that I'd spend most of my time with this people until I'll be 18 years old and will have finished school. And now I'll leave for a place that's so far away that it takes you more than 13 hours in an airplane to get there.

But enough about this crazy ride of emotions. I've started being into braiding my hair what is real fun and it looks pretty cool. It's also super easy and so comfortable. I'm planning to share some of my favorite hairstyles with you guys but taking pictures while braiding isn't that easy.

And I have a new obsession. I found a new series that I can only recommend because it is super fascinating and it'll make you addicted in a second! I'm talking about "House of Cards". I wanted to watch this series for a long time but on somehow, I never did. But a week ago, I checked out the first season and it fascinated me! You don't have to be into politics to like it, I think it's something for everyone. Whether you like politics, thrillers or dramas. This series has it all.

Another obsession I've discovered in the past weeks is my black shoes I'm wearing in today's pictures. I got them on Fuerteventura (read about my trip to Fuerteventura here) and didn't have the opportunity to wear them in the past months because it was so cold that all I wanted to wear were my UGG boots. My black shoes are super comfortable and I think that they look pretty cool because they have some shimmer on them. And because they're black they work with almost every outfit. I absolutely love them!

I hope that you guys out there have an amazing time and that you'll have a nice week!

Lots of love,



- Scarf: Pelzhaus Enssle

- Shoes: Adidas

- Jeans: Tally Weijl

- Ear rings: H&M

- Leather jacket: Guess

All pictures that show me were taken by C. M. H.

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