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The picture of Dorian Gray

Hey everyone!

In today's article, I want to talk to you guys about a book I've read over the past weeks. I believe most people have at least heard of Oscar Wilde's "Dorian Gray". When I read a book, I experience some things with it and I feel like whenever I open the book again, I remember when I first read it, why I read it and what it made me feel like.

When it comes to this book, I remember buying this one in Amsterdam in one of my favorite bookshops ever. The shop is called Waterstones and whenever I go to Amsterdam I visit this shop. I've always found amazing books there and I just love the atmosphere in the shop. I started reading this book in the last couple weeks of my summer holidays and I loved it straightaway.

It's about a pretty guy called Dorian Gray who never alters because a portrait of him does that for him instead. He doesn't really know why this happened but this isn't the point of the story. It's more about what it does to him. You can imagine a situation like that and think about what you would do. Imagine seeing all of your friends getting older and you're not aging a day. Imagine your friends asking why nothing changes the lines of your face, why you're not aging. What would you say? The truth could be dangerous. So you hide. And there the trouble begins.

Oscar Wilde describes this trouble perfectly and you understand every move that the characters make. Although the book is pretty old it's still something we can read today. It's not a typical old book that's written in such a weird English that you don't even know if that could already be called English.

After I had read that book, I thought about it for a while. It's a touching story and you learn that eternal beauty is maybe not best for us, although most of us want it. The end was a terrible one. Not that it doesn't fit. Hell no, it's the best end the author could have given to the story. But it's an end that's terrible to read for the reader because it's touching, realistic, brutal and honest. When I read the book, I hoped for a happy ending. I hoped things would work out for Dorian. See yourself if they do.

That's it for today's article. I know it's a short one but I just wanted to share this beautiful book with you guys. Maybe I could inspire someone out there to read it!

Lots of love,


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