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It's the little things

Hey loves!

It's been an amazing week for me that had a huge surprise in storage! Sometimes a little things like a mail can be really important for you. That's why I decided to write an article about the little things. In the end, we remember little moments that didn't seem to be important but they are everything. Our lives consist of little things.

This week, one e-mail changed my mood and made me so happy that I can't even express how happy I was. I've told you guys about my nomination for the Li Po Chun United World College in Hong Kong and this week I finally received my admission! I couldn't believe it when I first read it! I'm just so happy and I can't really describe my feelings. Tomorrow I will go to Frankfurt to attend a workshop from the United World Colleges where I'm going to meet my german Coyear for the first time. I'm pretty excited to see him for the first time ;).

A little bit excitement isn't bad I guess. There's another little thing (that consists of more little things) that I want to share with you guys today: My charm bracelet. I love collecting charms and I think it's a lovely way to collect memories. I love wearing a charm bracelet because it's a very special accessory that has a cool story. I think it's really cool if you add some special accessories like this to your outfit. So here we go with the story of my charm bracelet:

It all started out with this small rabbit. I wanted a charm bracelet because I had this idea of collecting my memories in form of charms. My mom got me this bracelet for easter and she gave it to me with this little charm. I absolutely adore it and it stands for my little sweetie Mümi. She really is the cutest thing in the world.

Because I wanted to go on collecting things I got my second charm after a short period of time. My second charm is this little crown what is supposed to be a reminder of my invisible crown - just kidding. It's not meant to be an invisible crown saying I'm above everything but it's a reminder for me to sometimes put myself first. I'm one of this people that would do almost anything for others and sometimes you need to focus on yourself and do what's best for you. That's why I've put this crown there.

Next charm on the list is this little guy. People wore this teeth as trophies and that's also why I bought it. Everyone goes through rough times and through nice times in his life. So did I. And this charm reminds me of all the fights I got through and that whatever tried to hurt me or put me down was defeated and is now worn like a trophy. You don't always have it easy but you can take the lesson and move on or you can debate that for the next decade. I chose to go on no matter what.

Now we get to one charm I didn't choose. I received this charm as a gift from my family and I think it's a very beautiful sign. The two hearts symbolize my family to me. The hearts are bond together and I think that's a little bit like my family. We're all attached to each other and we are bound together. It's not about blood being thicker than water here, it's more about having people in your environment who you can trust and who you love. And that's what family is about for me.

Next we have my first travel charm. I bought this one on Ibiza and I've spent a lot of time on this island because a part of my family lives there. I have a lot of cool memories of back when we went there and that's why I had the desire to get a charm from there. It was really hard to choose the right one but I chose this one because I've had a great time with two of my cousins and my mom in this restaurant. In on of our stays we went there several times and we were always having fun. I just wanted to remember these moments and so I went with this cutie.

And here's the second charm I didn't get to choose. A family member gave it to me as a gift and the stone is supposed to represent my birthday. I don't know a lot about stones and stuff like this but I know that I like the color blue and that's why I also really like this stone.

And here is my newest charm. It's another travel memory and it's from Paris. I got this one at Disneyland and I was actually not that excited about Disneyland itself but I love Paris and I didn't find a good charm showing the Eiffel tower and so I bought this one. I think it's super cute and adorable. And it does not only stand for Paris but also for my admiration of Disney movies (Who doesn't love them?!).

So that's my charm bracelet. It's just a little bracelet but it has a huge meaning to me and I just wanted to share the story behind it with you guys. I hope you all will have some beautiful little moments to enjoy this week!

Lots of Love,



- Dress: H&M

- Charm Bracelet: happy charms

- Rabbit Charm: happy charms

- Hard Rock Cafe Charm: Hard Rock Cafe

- Blue Stone Charm: Thomas Sabo

- Heart Charm: Esprit

- Mickey Mouse Charm: Disney

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