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May Favorites

Hey loves!

It's been a while but I've been so busy that I just didn't find the time to write a new post. The last week of school was full of last-minute assignments, class tests and just a lot of work. That's why it feels pretty amazing to finally have holidays! I'm going to visit Heligoland (a small North Sea island) and my favorite city.. Paris!! I'll visit Paris with my aunts and a good friend. It's the same group I went to the Maldives with and that's why I'm pretty sure that it will be a cool experience.

A while ago I posted an article about some of my beauty favorites and I got a lot of positive feedback for it and that's why I decided to give you guys an insight in some of my other favorites. The pineapple isn't part of the favorites but I thought it would look cool to have a golden pineapple in the picture (I really don't know how I have gotten the idea of a golden pineapple). By the way, a golden pineapple is a quite fancy room decor - but spraying a pineapple with golden spray paint isn't that much fun. It's quite hard to make sure that everything gets gold and that you don't spray paint yourself. But let's forget about the pineapple for the moment - here are some of my current beauty favorites:


I fell for this cream eyeshadow when I tried it out for the first time. It looks gold and a little bit rosé and when you wear it reflects the light and that makes it look super gorgeous. I dislike applying it using a brush because I feel like the product sticks to brushes and then you don't get the full pigmentation out of it. That's why I like applying it using my finger. The best thing about this eyeshadow is that it doesn't crease. Many people use this eyeshadow in other colors as a base to prevent creasing. So this eyeshadow is perfect for long days.


I got this translucent powder in the pressed version because I used to have it in the lose version but I felt like I wasted a lot of the product because when you have a lose powder a lot of the product tends to go into the brush and then it stays there. The powder itself is pretty good - it stays on for long and you can get a mat finish out of it. It looks pretty natural and it's quite cool that it has that little mirror in it.


This mascara is one of my all-time favorites. I love using it above my Chanel mascara because it adds some glitter effect. The mascara contains some glitter pigments which you don't see at first but when you go in the light you definitely see a difference. The light reflexion looks really cool and it's just pretty.


This little sponge is a miracle - it is the best alternative to the original beauty blender and it is absolutely inexpensive. It costs a few dollars and it gives you an amazing finish. I love using it damp because I feel like this makes applying my make up a lot easier and it makes it easier to use the sponge.


This concealer belongs to my all-time favorites as well. I use it to cover up small spots and eye rings. It doesn't give you full coverage but it looks very natural and it is quite good for the skin because it doesn't become a thick layer of make up.


Some people just had bad luck when it came to the distribution of genes for lips. Sadly, I was one of them. I tend to have super dry lips and that's why I need to use lip balms that give a lot of moisture to my lips. It's quite hard to find a balm which stays on longer than just half an hour. This lip balm is the only balm I've found so far that has enough moisture and that stays on for a few hours.


This purple eyeliner is perfect for green eyes and it's super easy to use. The color is pretty dark and you can also use a blender and blend the liner a little bit what makes it look softer. The only negative point I have about this one is that I dislike drawing a winged eyeliner with this one because the tip isn't small enough to draw a sharp edge.


I've discovered this crème only a few weeks ago. I used to use the older version of this cream. The old version also helped against spots but the negative aspect of it was that it was pink. Yes, the cream was pink! This new version looks a little bit greenish but you can blend it in pretty well which is why you can also use it as make up. I really love it because it really helps against spots and it's not too aggressive for sensible skin.


In one of my previous posts I've already told you guys about this nail polish. I love the color and I think it is perfect for summer. I like combing it with a white nail polish because this makes it look even lighter and lets it shine even more. This color gives you a lovely summer feeling.


This face scrub smells pretty cool and it also looks pretty cool because it has some red balls inside. You have to massage it for one minute over your wet skin and then you just have to rinse it off. It's a little bit aggressive to the skin so don't use this on a daily basis. I like using it once or twice a week and it does quite a good job when it comes to clearing your skin.

That's it for today's article. I hope you guys enjoyed!

Lots of Love,



- Gommage microperlé éclat by Chanel

- Nail polish no 99 by Essie

- Stop Spot by Guerlain

- Stylo yeux waterproof (no 83) by Chanel

- Hydra Beauty nourishing lip care by Chanel

- Correcteur perfection concealer (no 10) by Chanel

- Beauty Egg by Ebelin

- Lash Queen Celebration Mascara by Helena Rubinstein

- Pro Longwear Paint Pot "Chilled on Ice" by Mac

- Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing powder/pressed by Mac

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