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Of Broken Islands

Hey loves!

As I've told you guys in my previous post, I went to Heligoland, a small North Sea island in the German Bight. I'm still there and the island is just lovely. It is really small and there's not a lot going on, but that is exactly what makes this place so special. When you're here, all you can do is go outside and enjoy life. You can't check your phone 24/7 because the internet connection is really poor, you can't just take a train or a bus - all that you can do is live life and enjoy it.

It feels like this is a little universe on its own. Things work differently here. It's not comparable to a modern city life. In fact, it is the exact opposite of a modern city. Here you go back to the basics. You do simple things like taking a walk or having some coffee. And because that's all you can do here, you don't have to do things quickly. You get really calm and relaxed here.

Heligoland is the main island, but there is another small island next to it, the so-called Dune. The Dune doesn't have any permanent residents and it is basically only a super small island which has one restaurant, a few apartments for tourists and a beach. The two islands used to be one island until they were separated in 1720 by a storm flood. The flood broke their connection which is the reason why we have two islands today.

You can visit the Dune by boat and in the moment, a lot of seals are there too. I've attached a few pictures of the seals to today's article because I think they are quite special. They looked really cute and they had a lot of young seals with them what made it even cuter to watch!

Both islands are full of interesting animals which is also the reason why a lot of people come here to take good pictures of the nature. I've also seen some sheep and there are a lot of birds (when saying 'a lot' I mean a few hundreds) and there are also some cows.

Although there aren't many shops on the island, I still made it to get a new charm. I got a globe with a little sun in gold. I've added a picture of my new charm as well. I'm really happy because I managed to get a charm here because to me, my charm bracelet is a very precious thing which serves as kind of a travel diary to keep some memories. I love watching it and thinking about the places where I got these charms and what memories are connected with those places.

I'll leave Heligoland tomorrow. I went to the island by boat (from Hamburg) but you can also get here by plane (although only real small planes can land here). When being in Hamburg I went to a musical from Disney: "Aladdin". I'm usually not that much into musicals or theater, but this one was real fun. It made so much fun to watch the dancing, to hear the songs and they had some really good jokes. It was also fantastic to watch the stage change between the scenes and to see how much effort is put into these two hours of acting. If you guys get to Hamburg, I'd recommend seeing this musical. It is absolutely worth the money and it is a hell of fun. It is a great way to end an evening and it's a cool experience.

On the one hand, I do not really want to leave Heligoland yet, but on the other hand I'm already excited about going to Paris afterwords! I'll leave Heligoland tomorrow and then I'll spend my Monday in Hamburg. I'm going to be home on Tuesday and then it's time to pack the bags again and to leave for Paris.

I'm really excited about having some travels in this vacation because it will be one of my last vacations in Germany before leaving for Hong Kong for two years.

I hope you guys like the pictures.

Lots of Love,


P.S. My hair looks super messy in all of the pictures because it is very windy on the island and that's why my hair tried to fly in every direction possible!


- Jeans: Tally Weijl

- Backpack: Fjäll Räven

- Shirt: h&m

- Charm (globe): Thomas Sabo

All pictures showing me were taken by H. Handtrack.

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