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Bonjour mes amis!

If there’s one city in this world that has the power to fascinate everyone it’s Paris. This city is a magical place, or at least it feels like magic - no kidding. Whenever I go to Paris, I feel like I’m in a different world. This city lives in its own rhythm. You go through some beautiful streets, watch some monuments that are proof of an extremely interesting history and while doing this you reach a point where your head starts playing some background music to make the picture perfect - until you realize that even the music comes from the city. You find some musicians who sit on the streets and play almost everywhere. Even when you’re in some train stations you get to listen to their music - and they’re not bad.

Paris is a city that has a lot to offer and when you’re there, you don’t really know where to start.

Wherever you decide to go, you’ll discover something new. Every borough has its very own character and it’s fun to discover them. You don’t always need a travel guide to go through the city, you can just go and discover the city by taking random streets. But the typical sights aren’t a bad idea either.

I’ve stayed in Paris for four days, and when you’re reading this, I’ll sit in a train back home. Although it’s been only four days, it was a super interesting journey which made me fall for Paris all over again. It’s been my third time in Paris. I like going to Paris with the TGV because going by train is super easy and the TGV is pretty fast. I went with my two aunts and we’ve experienced a lot in the time.

We went to the Eiffel tower and as it stands on my bucket list, I wanted to go up - and so I did. I had been on top of the Eiffel tower years ago on my first vacation in Paris, but I didn’t take any pictures back then. When you’re visiting attractions like the Eiffel tower, it is clear that it is very crowded there, but we were quite surprised by how fast the lines went. So even if you’re standing at the Eiffel tower and you see a super long queue, don’t give up. Just queue up and you’ll see that the lines are really fast.

Going up on the Eiffel tower is a wonderful experience. You have an amazing view from up there and it is really cool to stand on one of the most famous buildings on planet earth.

But Paris is not just about the Eiffel tower. There’s one ice cream seller in Paris who is very famous; he’s called Berthillon. Their ice cream is amazing. That’s literally the first word which comes to my mind when I think of their ice cream. It tastes very natural and fresh and it is different to normal ice cream. I can’t really tell why it is different, but it just is. When you’re ever going to Paris, go there. Their ice cream is amazing.

We also did some shopping and I got a new charm. I’m really happy that I got another charm from Paris, this time I went with a classic Eiffel tower (you can see my other Paris charm here).

And of course we had to visit the Louvre. This museum is a universe on its own. You go in there and then you’re thrown into a world full of art. I was impressed all over again by the environment in which they present the paintings, sculptures, vases and so on. The building itself is looking like an object for a museum. And when you get to see all these paintings, sculptures and so on in this environment, you get the feeling that that’s where they belong. Everything seems to fit in this museum.

A problem many people have with the Louvre is the super long queue at the main entrance, but here’s a little advice to avoid this queue: Go to the near tourist information, buy your tickets there and then you don’t have to line up. The queue in front of the Louvre was the only one which scared even me, because it seemed to be endless.

Describing every single thing that made Paris so special would take too long, but all I can say is that these little moments, like hearing the music in the streets, eating ice cream, or just laughing together, made it special. I’ve added a few pictures and I hope you guys enjoy them!

Lots of Love,



- Shirt: H&M

- Necklace: H&M

- Charm (Eiffel Tower): Thomas Sabo

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