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Hey loves!

It's been the week of the Brexit. At the beginning of this week, no one of my friends nor me would have thought that the Brexit would take place one day. I still can't believe that Great Britain will leave the European Union. I can't imagine what it will be like when they leave, and I honestly don't want to speculate about it.

The only thing I can say is that I still can't really believe it. I've been shocked by the result of the referendum on the one hand, but also by the promises that were taken back after the referendum was won. I totally understand that many Brits ask for a second referendum now.

Whenever we talked about the European Union in school, we always talked about something that is supposed to connect different countries, cultures and people. We've learned that everyone benefits from this and that it's a good thing. Before the Brexit became the headline in the news, no one of my class including me would have thought that one country might want to leave this Union one day. I wish good luck to all young Brits who wanted to stay in the European Union and who have to live with the outcome of this referendum. I really hope that the relationships between Great Britain and the countries of the European Union will remain friendly and that no side will suffer too many disadvantages.

Some people say there won't be any disadvantages, but we all know - no matter what the consequences of the Brexit will be - that change is always challenging and that we have to make compromises. I don't know enough about the European economy to say anything about the consequences for the economy, but I know enough about being a European to say this: I still believe in the EU. I'm not always happy with what decisions are made or how long they are being discussed. But in general, I am happy that we have something like the European Union that is connecting more and more countries on the same continent. Countries that went to war against each other, that were enemies or allies. A Union that stands for so much that you can't put into a few words.

I'm sorry that we'll lose you, Great Britain, but I wish you the best. Hopefully, everything will work out.

I know that this post is really different from what I usually write about, but I just felt the need to say all of these things. This topic was super important for me this week and I just wanted to tell you guys some of my thoughts on it.

Lots of Love,


P.S. Don't get confused - the pictures were taken while I was reading an article in the "TIME" but the article isn't about Brexit. Just in case anyone is reading the magazine as well and was like "does she know what the article is about"?

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