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Hey loves!

Whenever I talk to people about my new school they ask questions like "Why China?" or "How did you get the idea to apply?" I decided to give you guys some answers. The most frequently asked question is how I heard about the United World Colleges. I read an article in the newspaper "DIE ZEIT" and the article was about educational chances for refugees in Germany. They included the Robert Bosch United World College in Freiburg in the article. The way the school was described (a place where many cultures come together and where everyone's cool with each other) got my attention. So I googled it. And then it was decided. When I read about the idea behind these schools, I was simply fascinated. When going through the website of the United World Colleges (UWCs) I had exactly two thoughts:

1. These schools are amazing.

2. I want to visit a school like that!

But what made me fall for these schools? Honestly, the one thing that got me the most was the mission. It was not about the look of the schools or about all the countries the schools are in. For everyone who doesn't know the mission here you go:

"UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future."

This sentence is so simple but just imagine going to a school that is built on this sentence. Imagine people coming together from all over the globe. Imagine hearing their opinions on different topics, discussing politics with them, becoming friends with them and living with them. When I was imagining this, I knew I wanted to be part of it. Now that I look back, it was almost a miracle that I heard about UWC. It's like a little secret. They do a lot to make people more aware of the possibility to apply for their schools, but it is really hard to reach people. I'm really thankful that I read through this article because otherwise, I'd never have known about this. It was just an article in a newspaper, but it had a great influence on my life. I mean, I'll move to Hong Kong in a few months. I'd say, that's a huge influence.

As soon as it was clear that I want to apply, I had to ask my parents for permission. That was quite a fight but I won. In the application they ask you which colleges you'd prefer. You can't choose one college, but you can still make a wish. I wrote down that I'd love to go to Hong Kong or Singapore. I wanted to go to Singapore because I've already traveled to Singapore a few years ago and it was an amazing journey. I really fell for the city and I'm still fascinated by it. Hong Kong was another option for me because I had a Chinese friend who told me a lot about Chinese cities and food and she got my interest. And both colleges are in a very warm climate (which I love). The climate wasn't the most important point but it's still worth mentioning.

I'll write another article about the whole application process, but I can say that it was quite hard and it was good to take my time for writing the application. The interviews were a challenge too, but it was so worth it! When I got the mail saying they offering me a place at the Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong, I couldn't believe my eyes! I read the name of the College three times until I realized that this moment is real. It was one of these moments where everything seems to be perfect. It was a moment in which a dream came true. After having realized what I found in my inbox, I called one of my closest friends and told her the breaking news (okay.... "talking" is the wrong word, I was closer to screaming -and crying- than to talking).

Maybe some of you are thinking about applying. If you are, let me tell you this: Your doubts aren't important. When I applied, I didn't even know if they'd write back to me, because I was really insecure and I didn't think I'd have a chance. On a rational base, I knew that my grades weren't bad and that my application was fine, but I started worrying and the more time passed by after I had sent, the more doubts I had. But the worst moment was still the moment when I had to press "send". That's the moment where you ask yourself once again "Can I make it? Why should they choose me? Am I even good enough for this?" If there's one advice I can give you, then it is this: Don't worry. I ended up telling myself I had nothing to lose. The worst thing that could have happened was to be rejected - and that's okay too. I didn't want to end up not having tried. And that's why I did it.

I tended to think that scholarships are something for the super smart people and that someone like me would never get the chance to get a scholarship, but it worked. So don't let negative thoughts decide about applying or not. If you're not sure whether to apply or not, then let me tell you this: If there's a spark of interest in you, then go do it. You can still say no in the end. But if you don't try, you'll never know if it would have worked out. Then you'll maybe ask yourself in ten years "what if?" and that's what I didn't want, because "What if"s suck. So write your application and give it a try, you never know what might come out of it!

I think it is really sad that there aren't a lot of people who know about the opportunity of applying for a place at a UWC. This is why I am trying to mention this as often as I can on my blog. If you guys have any questions about applying or what it's like to prepare for going there, you can send me a message over my blog here.

Lots of love,


P.S. In the moment, I'm really into Black&White pictures, I don't know why but it's my thing in the moment. Just in case anyone's wondering why I'm not posting color pictures in the moment.

And I'm getting more and more excited about going to Hong Kong the closer it gets... and of course my parents realize that and my father gave a really cute present to me this week: A charm showing a Maneki-Neko (this little cat waving one of its arms). I added a picture of this lovely charm for you guys!


- Top: H&M

- Ear rings: H&M

- Rings: Primark/H&M

- Necklace: Swarovski

- Bangle: H&M

- Charm Bracelet: Happy Charms (Charms from various brands)

- Maneki-Neko Charm: Thomas Sabo

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