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To my art teacher

Hey loves!

Today's article is for my art teacher. I know it is kind of weird to write a blog post for one of your teachers but that's just what I decided to do. My art teacher is a pretty cool woman who tried to encourage all of her students - but she wanted all of us to do things the way she wanted us to do them. Although I like her a lot, I feel like some of us couldn't use all their creativity in her lessons because she didn't accept things that were done differently.

I wouldn't say that she did this on purpose or because she didn't want us to succeed. I believe that she wanted the best for us and I know that she had put a huge effort in her work. I really liked the fact that she made us try various ways to draw and that we had the possibility to try out different kinds of colors.

What I didn't like so much is that we had to use the kinds of colors she wanted us to use - so when we didn't like some kinds of colors we had to work with them anyway, although we didn't work well with them. The last painting I drew in my art class was an eye. I totally messed this painting up because when it comes to blending colors I want to drown my pictures in water. That's what makes me have fun while drawing.

I know that she was kind of disappointed by my last painting because she cared a lot about the work of her students - so here is the second version of this painting. This is not a perfect painting and I'm not claiming to be an artist. But as I said in the video: It's not about the result - it's about the fun you have while doing the work.

I really want to thank my teacher for inspiring me. Because it takes a really good teacher to make a student sit down for a few hours to draw a picture. Especially a student like me because I usually don't do anything for art classes (I'm not really intro drawing things myself).

In case anyone's interested, here are the things I said in the video:

Picasso once said, 'Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.'

But it's not about growing up. It's more about people who expect you to obey the rules as soon as you're older. In art classes, my teachers used to say what I'm supposed to draw and what kinds of colors I'm supposed to use for the painting. That's no creativity or curiosity. That's boredom.

I'm the kind of person who loves letting her paintings drown in water and that's ok. I can still draw something, but I do it differently. But that's not how they want you to do it.

The last task in my art class was to draw an eye with acrylic paint. I messed up, because acrylic paint doesn't look that good when being put together with tons of water. I just wanted to show my teacher that being able to draw something is not about using the right kinds of colors. It's about liking what you do. The result does not really matter, it's about the fun you have while doing the work.

So thank you for inspiring me to have a lot more fun than I used to have in your art classes.

Lots of Love,


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