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six years, six songs

Hey loves!

The past weeks were full of goodbyes but this week was the hardest one. On Wednesday, I had to say goodbye to my lovely class mates. I knew that this would be hard, but I didn't think that it would be this hard. They made a movie with photos of the past years and they played "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran in the background - and that was too much for me. I cried a lot on Wednesday and I believe that I'll miss them terribly. They are amazing people and all of them have a special place in my heart. I may not have been best friends with all of them, but I still love all of them. I've spent my past six years with them and all of them inspired me throughout this time. All of them helped me to develop into the person who I am today.

I can only wish them the best and I believe that I'll keep in touch with many of them. I honestly don't know how to say thank you for all the amazing things they've done for me, for all the good laughs, for the funny moments and for the amazing friendships. I decided to share six songs with you guys that will remind me of our six years. So here we go:


Ok, we're starting out with the weirdest one of them all. You may think I'm crazy, but I promise you, when you'll ask my classmates, they'll definitely remember this song. The song is from our English book for fifth grade (I've been in fifth grade from 2010 to 2011) and we had to sing it at a school party for our parents. We also tried to act like Prunella the poltergeist and I remember that we were embarrassed on the one hand but we also had so much fun that day. This song reminds me of my first year at grammar school and I guess I'll have a good laugh about this one in a few years.


2011 was Adele's year and we all fell for her. So did my classmates and I. I remember that we listened to the song on YouTube and we tried to sing it - and we failed at the singing part. We listened to this song a billion times and we loved hearing her voice, although our English wasn't good enough to understand the words.


In seventh grade (2012-2013), my friends and I listened to Aura Dione's new song and we loved watching the music video. I guess that it wasn't that much about the music, but more about the shoes that she wore in the music video. I still love listening to the song and letting it take me back to seventh grade. Seventh grade was the first school year in which I started putting an effort in my school work and I guess that everyone in my class was quite surprised that I was able to study for a class test. But the studying paid off and it was the first time at grammar school that I had some very good grades.


Huge thanks to Jason Derulo for writing such a beautiful song! This song reminds me of our exchange in eighth grade. In 2014, we went to Gland (a small town in the French-speaking part of Switzerland) and each of us had a guest family which hosted them for a week. We were close to the Lake Geneva and one day we sat there and it was raining a little bit but not too bad and we listened to some music under our umbrellas. Someone put on "Trumpets" and I didn't know the song so this was the first time I heard this lovely song. Whenever it comes on, I have to smile because it takes me back to this lovely and rainy summer day in Gland. I really want to thank all the people who made this time amazing!


At the end of ninth grade, my friends and I had a picnic with the rest of the student council. We chilled in a park and listened to this German song. I love the melody of this song but I also fell for the lyrics. I don't know if you guys will like it if you don't speak German but you can give the song a try if you want to :)


I guess this choice was kind of obvious because I have already mentioned it on the top, but I had to take this song! I know that I'll remember this movie that my classmates made for me forever and I guess that I won't be able to listen to this song again without remembering my class. I can only say thank you for the amazing memories and these two words aren't enough but they're all I got. I love you guys and I wish you the best! I can't wait to see you again in my winter break!

Lots of Love,


P.S. I wanted to share a new charm with you guys. I got this cute heart on my last day of school and it will serve as a memory of my lovely class!


-Rings: H&M

-Shirt: H&M

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