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Time off

Hey loves!

I know that I've been away for a while and I'm sorry for that but I've been on vacation and I just took some time off. Sometimes you gotta put the camera away for a while and go out and live. I didn't write down every single thing that we've done the past week because I was just enjoying life and living from one day to the next. I went to Italy with my Best Friend and we had an amazing time.

We stayed in an apartment in Pacengo (a small village near the Lake Garda). Sometimes we went to cities that are nearby but most of the time we just went to the lake, got tanned, and enjoyed life and some really good food. I've been on vacation with my Best Friend before and we just get along perfectly. She's like family to me.

We had perfect summer weather and the lake was warm enough to swim in it. But one thing I'd warn everyone about who'd tell me that he'll go in this region is that you have to be aware of the mosquitos. I've never gotten so many mosquito bites and in the first days, my legs looked like I had a weird illness because there were so many bites on them. But if you put on a lot of Autan (I know that this stuff smells disgusting but it helps) you can leave without a single mosquito bite.

Italy has an amazing flair, the restaurants are fantastic and wherever you go, you'll find something cool to look at. You can eat amazing ice cream (what a surprise :)), swim in the lake and do some really cool stuff. But a thing that I didn't like about Pacengo is that there are a lot of camping sites and I think there are way too much of them because wherever you go, you find a camping site. We tried to walk by the lake once, but we couldn't get away from the lake and enter a city because there were only camping sites. But all in all, I still loved the region.

This travel was a really cool experience because we didn't plan a lot ahead, we just jumped right in, tried out things we didn't know, restaurants we didn't know and discovered towns we came by. It was fun not to have a plan for once and to enjoy having time. So yeah, you do not always need a plan to have a good vacation, sometimes you just gotta go. I can't thank my best friend and her family enough times for inviting me to this fun trip.

I'm gonna keep a lot of memories from this vacation in my heart. No matter if it's watching a firework in the middle of the night. Or swimming in the lake. Or witnessing a beautiful sunset. Or having funny conversations with my best friend at night. Or walking through new towns. Love you guys!

Lots of love,


P.S. I've attached a few pictures, some of them were taken in Pacengo but not all of them. I can't recall all the places we've been to so please don't ask me where exactly the pictures were taken. All I can say is that the pictures were taken in Pacengo and the area around it :)

The picture showing only me was taken by my best friend and the picture showing us two was taken by her little brother.

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