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A Road Trip

Hey loves!

This week, I've been on an amazing trip. I've been on a road trip through some European countries. I've been to France, Belgium, the Netherlands and of course I've been driving around in Germany. I started on Tuesday and came back home today. It was a really cool time and it's been an amazing experience.

I decided to share some of my memories from this road trip with you guys so here we go:


When I planned this road trip, I wanted to visit a beautiful little town in France, but -as sad as it is- Châlons-en-Champagne turned out to be an extremely boring town where you shouldn't spend your holidays. I expected a cute town, but this wasn't the case. But there was a cute teddy bear in Châlons-en-Champagne. The teddy was sitting at a restaurant table (I don't know why someone put him there but yeah). My mom (she was the driver for the road trip) and I decided to explore the area around Châlons because we didn't want to spend our whole Tuesday in that town. We discovered Reims, a city nearby in which the manufacture of the champagne brand Veuve Cliquot is situated. So we went there, shopped a little bit and walked around Reims. The city had a beautiful library that made me feel like I'm in another century or at Hogwarts. If you ever get to visit Reims, visit this library. You get in for free and it is worth the time.

Because we booked all of our hotels in advance we had to go back to Châlons in the evening. Our hotel was a terrible one but that happens you know. But there is a really goo restaurant at Châlons called "Le Renard". It is also a hotel and it was close to our hotel so we went there and had dinner.

We left Châlons-en-Champagne in the early morning and drove to Brussels.


I had visited Brussels on another road trip years ago and I wanted to see the city again. It is such a beautiful place and the people are extremely friendly. Driving your car in this city is a little bit difficult (they have another way of driving I guess) but it is still fun to be there. We stayed at an amazing hotel called BXLROOM and it is such a beautiful place! It has only three rooms, but all of them have beautiful furniture and the owner of the hotel is a really nice guy who knows a lot of cool (and not super touristic) places to visit in Brussels. In Brussels, there are a lot of small and special shops that sell things you don't find somewhere else.

I aded a picture of a really cool shop for socks. Here are two shops you should definitely visit when being in town:


74 rue du marché au charbon

1000 brussels


75 rue du marché au charbon

1000 brussels

We saw some cool places, enjoyed some waffles and had a lot of fun. Outside Brussels I found a jeweler who sells Thomas Sabo Charms... and of course I had to buy a charm to remember this trip. I bought a little sheep (I'll show it to you guys soon).

On Thursday, we went to Zierikzee (haven't heard of this place yet?... yeah, most people don't know it so don't worry).


For everyone who has never heard of Zierikzee: It's a small town near the coast of the Netherlands. It is quite lovely, but also kind of lonely. It's very small but that's what gives Zierikzee its charm. We had very bad weather conditions that day and that's why we didn't go out of our hotel a lot. We just went around town for once and looked at the beautiful houses there and looked at the fair that was in Zierikzee.


Lovely Amsterdam! I love this city so much and it was a hell of fun to go there. We went to my favorite bookshop in town called "Waterstones". I know that these shops are absolutely normal in Great Britain but we don't have them in Germany and that's why it's pretty amazing for me to go to one of their shops. I love the atmosphere in the shop because it's a little dark in there and they have some really cool books.

Amsterdam also has some cool shops and some really cool cheese shops. I do not like cheese that much but the shops look really pretty and it's nice to got there.

We stayed in The Student Hotel and this is a place I have to recommend. It is an amazing hotel that has a beautiful style, very friendly stuff and you just feel comfortable when being there. I loved this place so much and it was such a nice stay, I wish I could have stayed longer. Next time being in Amsterdam, I'll go to this hotel again.

All in all, this road trip was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it. we drove by my family on our way home from Amsterdam and I saw my grandmother again and could say goodbye to her once more before going to Hong Kong. I also saw some of my other family members for the last time and my cousin gave me a super cute present: She got some Hong Kong dollars (they're really hard to get in Germany) and gave them to me. It's a really cool present and I'm super thankful!

Lots of Love,


The title picture was taken by C. M. H.

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