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Hey loves!

Do you know these times when everything is just fine, life is a great adventure and you just enjoy existing? All of us know moments like this and I am extremely thankful to have experienced some days like that. I'm currently staying in Berlin with my best friend and we're having a good time (well, a super good time).

As you guys know I love traveling but traveling alone doesn't make you happy. It's always about who you're with (you can also go alone but then you have to make sure that you're comfortable with that) and my best friend and I know that we can travel together because we've been to a lot of different places over the time (you can check out my article about our previous vacation). We're interested in similar things and we enjoy being together. We're staying with her aunt and as a thanks for letting us stay with her we baked a cake for her (I added a picture of it).

Berlin is an amazing place. As soon as you're there, you feel the city's vibes. Berlin is like a million small cities that form one big city together. Every district has a totally different character, has different styles and new food to discover. There's a lot of graffiti in the city as well but it doesn't look bad, no, to be honest, it looks amazing and it fits the city. This city is kind of wild and kind of creative and that's why it makes perfect sense that you find so many graffiti here. And most of the graffiti is pretty and it often makes you think.

The most popular paintings on a wall are the ones in the East Side Gallery (for everyone who has never heard of it: The East Side Gallery is a part of the former wall that separated Berlin and on the wall are paintings). We went to the East Side Gallery and it is pretty impressive. On the one hand, it takes you back to the times of the wall and gets you thinking about what it's like to live behind a wall. It also makes you realize how big this wall thing really was. When you stand in front of it and you can't see the end of the wall, that gets you thinking. And also realizing how tall this wall was makes you aware of how people might have felt back in the times when this wall was a real border. The paintings on the wall are all different but all highly creative. I took a few pictures, but due to cleaning of the wall there's fencing in front of the pictures so I'm sorry for that.

We also went to the DDR museum which is a place I'd absolutely recommend. You learn a lot about German history, they have a lot of stuff where you can DO something and not just read through their research. And they have a lot of interesting facts for you. The information they give you is easy to understand but still on a very high level. The only thing I disliked about the place is that it's very small and very crowded. In fact, it's not that small but so many people want to go there that the museum is absolutely full.

And there's a place we discovered by accident: Near the German Bundestag, there's a wall out of glas and on it are the first articles of the German fundamental law. This may not sound that cool, but when you're there, it's a quite special place. There aren't a lot of tourists and it is really cool to look at the basic laws of our society and because they're written on glas this gives you a special feeling. I can't really describe it but it's lovely.

We also took a look at the darkest points in German history and so we also went to a memorial for all the Jews that were killed during the holocaust and this place is a place I'd recommend visiting. It's absolutely worth your time because there aren't any guides telling you where to go, there aren't any papers you're supposed to read... the only thing you're supposed to do is to walk around, take a look and think. It's very quiet in there and you just have your thoughts. And that's what memorials should do - they should make you remember. The place itself is a huge place in the city near the Brandenburger Tor and it is basically just some grey stones. They get taller the more you go in and you can go through all the stones. Under the memorial is a museum.

In Berlin you have it all - whatever you're searching. Whether you're interested in history, fashion (you can shop till you drop believe me) or food.. or anything else. The photo on top was taken by my lovely best friend and it was taken on the victory column (as all other pictures showing me). I added some pictures I took during my trip to Berlin. I'll share a picture of my charm I got in Berlin - a feather - and the one I got during my road trip (read the article about this trip) soon, I promise!

Lots of Love,



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