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Beautiful Words

Hey loves!

Sorry for not posting anything for such a long time... I've been sick for quite a while and that's why I basically just slept for the past days. I'm getting better again and so I decided to give you a little update on my life.

Thanks to my roomie I discovered these amazing bracelets from MantraBand. The brand offers bracelets in gold, rose gold and grey and they are just simple bracelets that have positive quotes on them. I think it is really amazing because you can choose any quotation and this makes the bracelets something very personal. The bracelets also mean something else to everyone what makes it super individual.

In case you guys are already thinking about possible Christmas presents, I would definitely recommend these. I gave one on them to my mom for her birthday this month and I chose a quotation that matched her. It is a personalised gift and believe me, you can make people quite happy with it!

And when we're already talking about beautiful words... I recently read a book called "How to talk to anyone". The title sounds strange at first, but it is a good book. It's nothing you read twice, but it's definitely worth reading. Leil Lowndness breaks down a conversation and explains to you how to start small talk and how to get away from it. You can use it when you're talking to old friends or you're trying to make new ones. This book was not just written for shy people who don't know how to talk to people, no it is like a collection of advices for how to master any party... even if you don't know anybody.

I read the book before coming to LPC and it was definitely helpful. I am a person who really likes talking to people but I hate small talk. So when it comes to small talk, I'm out. This is not exactly helpful when you're trying to make new friends in a place like LPC. Thanks to the book, I got an idea of how to master the art of small talk. And believe it or not, once you know how to do it, you like doing it.

Whenever I check the calendar, I'm surprised how fast time has passed. It's already the end of the November and I will be back home in less than a month. This is almost unbelievable for me. On the one hand, I feel like home in LPC but on the other hand it feels like I just arrived. Every week I discover something new about LPC and about how things work here.

One thing about LPC that I want to introduce you guys to is GIF. GIF stands for "Global Issues Forum". A group of students organises this event for the whole school all eight days and then the whole school comes together and discusses a global issue. It is very interesting to hear people from totally different backgrounds talk about their opinion on global issues. Because we all come from different places in the world, we all have different perspectives on various issues. We discuss topics like modern slavery or the US election.

That's it for today's article. I hope that all of you guys are doing fine!

Lots of love,


P.S. Yes, I got the message about my room... I'll make a blog post on the rooms at LPC very soon - I promise!

Bracelets - MantraBand

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