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Hey loves!

I took some time off the past weeks to enjoy life just as it is. When Chinese New Year came around, I came up with my New Year Resolutions and then I decided to relax a little. Our school gave us one week off for Chinese New Year and during this time, I read through numerous books, slept in and enjoyed time with my friends. It's important to take some time off very once in a while and to sit back and relax.

When school started again, the school work did as well. However, there was one huge event we were all looking forward to since Chinese New Year: Chinese Cultural Evening! The Chinese Cultural Evening took place this Saturday and it was an amazing experience! All students involved in the Chinese culture group have put so much work into this evening and their work was absolutely worth it. They did all the food for the evening by themselves and it was absolutely delicious! They have put up a two-hour show with stunning performances. They came up with some amazing Dragon and Lion Dance performances and they also incorporated modern dance into the performance.

I also started planning my summer travels and that's why I decided to share one of my absolutely favorite travelling companions with you guys. My mom gave this cute little make up bag to me for Christmas and I've loved it ever since! It is the best make up bag I've ever owned - it has two sections - one for the make up and one for the brushes. It is big enough to provide storage space for all your make up and this makes it just perfect to use it while travelling.

The bag is also available in dark red and I think it's super fashionable in both colours. I love to store my essential make up kits for a travel (concealer is always one of them), some wet kleenex, my tooth brush and tooth paste in it so I can leave the plane looking fresh and not super sleepy and messy.

As I've told you guys, I'm currently planning my summer holidays and I've got some amazing news for this summer: I'll attend the Stanford Summer High School Summer College! It's a 8-week course in which high school students can gain undergraduate college credit at Stanford University. The application is still open and I am really excited to go there this summer! They also offer financial aid for the program and I'd recommend taking a look at it. Even if you don't get in, the application process is still a good practice for future applications and really makes you think. Their essay questions were really interesting and made you ask yourself some questions about yourself.

Some other exciting news: My future Firstyears have been chosen! Two Germans will be joining the student body of LPC next year! I can't wait to meet them next year. The two seem to be super nice and I hope to see them soon. On the other hand it's quite crazy to realise that half of my first year at LPC is almost over. But in the moment, I still have some time left as a Firstyear!

Lots of Love,



Bag - Michael Kors

Brushes - MAC, Chanel, Essence & Laura Mercier

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