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Yes, they're real

Hey loves!

I love wearing accessories like bracelets and rings, but to me, beautiful nails are just another accessory. When I meet people, they quite often ask me whether my nails are real or not. Well, they are and I decided to share some of my nail essentials with you guys!

My first tip might sound a little weird, but it really helps: Every once in a while, I put a bit of body lotion on my nails so that they can gain some moisture. It helps to prevent dryness and it makes your nails a lot stronger. I do this once a month, but you can do it once a week if you have the time.

And I also have some recommendations when it comes to nail polish: Personally, I prefer the nail polishes from Essie because I feel like they truly make my nails stronger and grow a little bit faster. Whenever I apply my nail polish, I do it in three layers: I use a base, a colour and a top coat. The base is usually used to make sure that the colour stays where it is supposed to be and it can give some additional strength to your nail because it is the one which is directly applied to the nail. I normally apply one layer of colour, but some nail polishes require two layers to intensify the colour. The top coat can turn your colour matte or it can add some shining effect. It can also prevent chips. Make sure to let every layer dry on its own, otherwise the layers will mix together and it will look weird. If you guys are searching for a cheaper alternative than Essie, I would recommend the German brand P2. Their nail polishes are super cheap but they do an amazing job and make your nails look great.

For me, wearing nail polish made my nails get stronger and grow faster. However, nail polish remover isn't that good for them. This is why I try to use nail polish remover once a week so that my nails get less damaged. And it is also quite important to cut away parts of the nail that are broken - don't let a part with chips stay to make your nails look longer - it will only turn worse and then more of your nail will suffer.

I really hope that these tips will help you guys. So many people have asked me about it and this is why I decided to share it with you all. If you guys have any amazing tips, feel free to send me a message in my contact section and share them with me!

Lots of Love,



Nail polishes - Essie ("super duper", "first base", "blanc", "aperitif", "mint candy apple")

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