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Hey loves!

Here is a little reminder to take some time for yourself every once in a while. Many struggle with this, especially in an environment like boarding school because they feel like they do not have any private space, but you just have to make some time and space for yourself. So go out, explore museums, visit new places, try new food, read the book you wanted to read for ages and just do the things you like to do.

To me, it is important to do these things in order to be able to enjoy life. And don't be afraid to do them on your own if no one else is interested in doing them - you will find people who like the same things as you do when you go and get them. I can tell this from my own experience: Volunteering at Crossroads for the first time was quite scary because I did not know anyone who worked there or have ever been there, but I still went because I love doing volunteer work. I have made many friends there and met amazing people there. I truly enjoy spending my weekends at their site and am very grateful for the opportunity to work with them.

And going somewhere alone makes you learn how to spend some time on your own. It's important to be able to be alone every once in a while. And at other times, it can be a great idea to take some friends with you and learn more about them by taking them with you. I love going out with new people every once in a while because you realise how many amazing people you have yet to meet and very often you realise that you have more in common with them than you thought.

I went to the exhibition "Ambiguously Yours: Gender in Hong Kong Popular Culture" this weekend and I would recommend going there. Not necessarily just because of the topic of the exhibition, but because it is just interesting to look at the chosen exhibited objects. They chose some very interesting pieces of fashion, art, and movies. It is unbelievably fascinating to look at all these things and to analyse them. I loved going there and if you guys are interested in art, go there! Another great thing about the exhibition is that it is free. They even provide a free shuttle bus from Kowloon Station to the exhibition centre. One of my beautiful coyears, Nadia, invited me to go to the exhibition with her because she had heard of it some time ago.

In case you needed a little reminder to enjoy some time doing the things you love doing, take this article as your reminder.

Lots of Love,


P.S. The two photos showing me were taken on the rooftop of one of the residences of my school. We were just hanging out there and having fun, so thanks to my beautiful coyear for an amazing time!


All pictures showing me were taken by my amazing coyear Nadia R.

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