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Of Kings and Queens

Hey loves!

My summer holidays have started a few weeks ago and I have finally been given the chance to catch up with all the series I have watched over time! During school, I usually do not have much time for watching TV shows, but I definitely love doing it and so I decided to share some of my absolute favourite shows with you guys! I realised that many of may favourite TV shows are about royal families, so if you are interested into historical or royal series, this list is for you:

1. The White Queen

This series portrays the life of England's new king in the fifteenth century, Edward IV and his wife, Elizabeth Woodville. The series tells the story of the fight for power, respect and the throne from the perspective of the women involved. Despite not being entirely accurate when looking at the historical aspect, it is still worth watching if you like examining the history of England's kings and queens. Personally, I liked that it told the story from the perspective of them women because their perspective is not always considered in the history books and this makes the series special.

2. Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy follows the lives of young surgeons in Seattle who try to keep up with their lessons while handling their complicated friendships, affairs and patients. You need to be able to look at blood to watch this one and a little interest into medicine is not bad either (don't worry, you don't need to want to be a doctor or anything, but you should be interested in seeing what happens behind the scenes in a hospital). Most of the series is happening the 'Seattle Grace Hospital' where the young surgeons work. I like that the series realistically shows how most of their life is lived inside this hospital and that it keeps coming up with interesting relationships.

3. Gossip Girl

If you haven't watched Gossip Girl yet, do it now! The series is about some young and rich Upper East Siders who hold court, try to dictate the outfits of everyone at school and keep their secrets - and all that while a nasty blogger keeps revealing their best-kept secrets. The series has already ended - so don't worry, you will not be addicted to a TV show which is still running next school year! The series is funny, exciting and charming and I love just randomly picking a season and watching it all over again.

4. The Originals

This fantasy series is a spin-off series from The Vampire Diaries and it follows the lives of the original vampires. The original vampires return to their beloved home, New Orleans but have to realise that the city changed from what it used to be a century ago. And instead of friends, new enemies are waiting for them. Despite being the most powerful vampires in the world, they still have to fear the witches of New Orleans and the vampires who took control of the city over the past century. This series is a must for all The Vampire Diaries fans and anyone interested in vampires, witches and other unnatural creatures.

5. House Of Cards

Did you ever imagine what politicians do to each other behind closed doors when all the cameras are off? House of Cards portrays the public and the informal side of politics by showing the viewer the life of the fictive Congressman Frank Underwood whose ambitions go further than the American congress. House of Cards is not entirely realistic, but they do not push it too far to make it seem like a different world. Personally, I enjoy watching the series because of great character development and very thoughtful turns in the plot which always make complete sense but still come unexpectedly.

6. Game of Thrones

To be honest, I am not sure if this series can be described in a few sentences. Game of Thrones is about a fictive world which shares many characteristics with the Middle Ages and it shows the lives of various people in it who affect the politics of the time. And by politics I mean who sits on the throne and rules - and who wants to sit on the throne next. The series is full of incredible animation, magical settings and unexpected plot twists. I have never watched a series which managed to surprise and torture me more than this one. It is definitely worth watching, but be warned: you will not be able to stop watching it!

7. The Royals

Imagine the British royals, add some drugs, scandals and internal fights and you have the fictive British royals of this series! The series shows what life is like for the quite modern royal family in the Buckingham Palace and it keeps being funny while having an interesting plot which makes you want to watch more.

8. The White Princess

If you liked "The White Queen", then this one is for you! The series tells the story of Elizabeth Woodville's daughter, Elizabeth of York, who has to marry the new king, Henry VII to unite the houses of York and Lancaster. The Yorks were the former royals, but Henry VII took the crown from them and so the houses have to be united through marriage to consolidate the king's power. But the marriage of the two young royals is characterised by an internal war as they fight each other and try to gain more power than the other one.

9. Suits

What if you were a lawyer in one of the big apple's best law firms and the only problem was that you haven't studied law? This question basically summarises the problem of the main character of the series, Mike, who pretends to be a Harvard graduate to keep his job. Because he is a genius, people in his surrounding believe him and think that he went to law school... but the truth has its ways to come out and so he needs to be very careful with keeping his own secrets while ensuring that his clients' secrets stay secrets. This series is not just for future lawyers and liars, but also for anyone who likes a little fun with a very good plot.

10. Reign

Reign is about the young Mary Stewart who has to marry the French prince in order to keep her country safe by making France an ally. But things do not always the work they were planned - when Mary arrives, she realises that many French court members would like to see the engagement between the two young royals fail and so she has to fight her enemies and secure her country while she tries to figure out her feelings.

I hope that I could help you guys a little bit with killing some time this summer!

Lots of Love,


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