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My Dorm Room

Hey loves!

I talk a lot about my life in LPC, but I realised that I had never shared pictures of my dorm room with you guys. I have filmed a little dorm tour for you so you can see what it is like to live in LPC.

The video includes what our corners look like when we arrive and we have not moved in yet and how I decorated my corner. In LPC, four students share a room and each student is assigned a corner. Secondyears are given corners with a window and firstyears are given corners closer to the door.

Normally, each room hosts two secondyears and two firstyears but my room has only me as a secondyear and three firsties will move into my room this weekend. We have been given our room allocations this Thursday and so I know that I will be living with two girls from Hong Kong and with a Japanese girl. The two local students will arrive tomorrow and my Japanese roommate will arrive today in the afternoon.

My two German firstyears will also arrive this afternoon. They are already on their plane to Hong Kong and in a few hours, I will meet them in person for the first time. A few firstyears have already arrived, but the majority of firstyears has yet to arrive. Everyone on campus is excited for the firsties to join LPC and we cannot wait to meet them all, hear their stories, and get to know them.

There will be no classes next week. Instead, LPC will help the firsties to explore their new environment during the so-called "Orientation Week" (or short "O-week"). During O-week, the firsties will be informed about their academics as well as activities outside the classroom. Secondyears are involved in the week and help organise it. O-week is a great time to make new friends and it is very helpful for overseas students because they can get to know Hong Kong.

I am looking forward to O-week and meeting all the people who I will be spending my last year at LPC with!

Lots of Love,


P.S. Do you want to apply to UWC? Click here to start your application today! If you are not from Germany, please check out the English website of UWC.

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