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Away From The City

Hey loves!

Surprisingly, I had an almost totally free day today. LPC c hanged its schedule system this year and thanks to this change and my teachers, I had only class today (my morning block). So I went to class at 8.30am and was free after 9.30am. Since I do not have any extracurricular commitments on Wednesdays, I was free to leave our campus and explore the parts of Hong Kong that I have not seen yet. Being in second year and applying to universities made me increasingly aware of the fact that I have less than a year in Hong Kong left. It feels so weird to think about moving somewhere else for university because Hong Kong has become my second home by now.

After my morning English class, I packed my bag, got on the bus and went to the outer parts of Hong Kong. I took some time to myself and worked a little on a few essays, but I mainly just enjoyed the day. The weather in Hong Kong is perfect for such explorations: It has cooled down and you can go and explore without missing your air conditioner too much. This day felt a little bit like a reward because my past weeks have been quite busy. But the good news is that the work paid off: I received my SAT scores and I am quite happy with them! Furthermore, I handed my early US university application in so now it is up to the university to decide what they think of my application!

This weekend, my school had its first cultural evening of the year on Saturday evening. It was the African cultural evening (ACE) and the evening was incredible. I am very proud of all my friends who participated in the evening. The evening started with dinner in the canteen (the cultural group had prepared some traditional food from their countries) and then we all moved to the Assembly Hall to see their show. They have put an incredible amount of effort into the performance and it was great to witness the show. I have attached a few pictures for you to get a sense of what it is like to attend a cultural evening at LPC. The next cultural evening this school year will be the European Cultural Evening (ECE). I am part of the European cultural group and I cannot wait for the event to take place! Cultural evenings are a lot of preparatory work and the most exciting moment is when you get to share all of your work with the community.

LPC's busy schedule has not kept me from returning to Crossroads as a volunteer. I am still super happy with volunteering there and I visit their site every Saturday for seven hours. I have made great friends there and I am always looking forward to returning to the organisation. If you want to find out more about Crossroads or sign up to volunteer, you can visit their website. You can also visit their site as a visitor and just walk around, visit the fair trade shop and their coffee shop. The environment at Crossroads surprises me every time I go there: Somehow, you automatically smile when you are there. All the volunteers interact with each other in a super friendly way and happiness simply spreads on their site.

I hope all of you are doing well! If you have any questions regarding LPC or Crossroads, please do not hesitate to send me a message!

Lots of Love,


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