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Dancing with Lions

Hey loves!

My school hosted its 25th Anniversary Celebration today. It was quite exciting for all of us because it was one of the rare times that our school opened our campus up. Hundreds of guests came to join the celebration. All of the students were involved in the preparations and the student body had prepared some amazing performances for today!

We opened our campus at 12pm and our opening ceremony started at 2pm. Our opening ceremony consisted of speeches and student performances. It was super interesting to see how my peers put the LPC story into art. They performed LPC's story through dance, theatre and music. One of my roommates is part of LPC's Ensemble group and it was my first time seeing her perform. Their music piece was incredible and I know how hard she had practiced for it - it definitely paid off!

I was particularly impressed by the Lion Dance Crew who practiced every day for the past days. They performed for numerous themes during the show and their dances were amazingly organised. I attached a few pictures of their performance for you guys.

After the opening ceremony with all the different performances, our guests could explore the various aspects of our life at LPC. Our classrooms were used to present different programs at LPC such as our self-taught classes, community and campus services, and other activities. We also used our sports hall to present our different cultural groups. Our European Cultural group set up an amazing cultural booth by even making the sign themselves. I added a couple pictures of some of the booths to this article for you all.

Joining the celebration was an amazing experience and I am so grateful that I got to be part of the preparations for it. Seeing all the different activities and programs that our school offers made me once more aware of all the various opportunities LPC has to offer and how engaged each and everyone is at this place. The celebration was live-streamed and you can see some of the official pictures on LPC's Facebook page and website.

If you have any questions regarding my life at LPC or the UWC application, please do not hesitate to contact me! I am very glad that a few of you guys contacted me to get some answers to your questions about UWC and I hope that I can help some more people who have questions about UWC!

Lots of Love,


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