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My Travel Bag

Hey loves!

Whenever I'm travelling, I take my travel bag with me. I chose my travel bag because it is huge and can fit all my stuff. For some reason, I always end up taking a lot of stuff with me in my hand luggage. I guess you could describe my packing philosophy like this: Pack it in - even if you don't really need it because you might need it. And since my flights tend to be pretty long, I also take a lot of stuff with me for entertainment.

I also like being productive during the flight because I do not like wasting more than ten hours. Airplanes are the perfect place to work on your homework and assignments because there is no distraction from your work and you cannot go out and ignore your work. It is also super satisfying when you get off the plane and you feel like you can tick some items on your to do list.

I decided to share with you guys what I keep in my travel bag as I will be traveling back to Germany in less than two weeks. My bag is a Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM and I attached pink key chain to it (see pictures at the end of this article).


The Neverfull bag comes with a small bag on the inside which is super useful for travelling because you can keep all your travel documents in it. The little bag can be attached to the shopper which ensures that you do not lose any of your essential documents. I usually keep my passport, a pen, some wet tissues or disinfection gel, a hair tie and my credit card in it.


As I told you guys, I like being productive on my flights. That's why I usually bring my laptop and a to do list of things I want to get done in the hours on the plane. Make sure that you fully charge your laptop before going on the plane and that you download any Google Docs/online articles that you might need for your work!


I hate being disturbed by people while working which is why I absolutely love my noise-cancelling headphones from Bose. They let me forget about the world around me and I can totally focus on my work. Sometimes, I also bring some earphones depending on whether I am travelling alone or with a friend. If it is a short trip, listening to music together can be fun which is why I tend to keep them in my travel bag.


This bag is the one thing I always bring - no matter how long the travel or which mean of transport. This small Louis Vuitton makeup bag contains some toothpaste (I keep my tooth brush in a special plastic box), a Blister and a lipstick, hand cream, perfume, my Stop Spot Creme, face powder and a brush, and a couple hairpins.


If you get tired of your work, reading a good book is never a bad alternative. Although I am in love with the pages of an actual book, I have also started to read on my iPad. Reading the book in iBooks has the advantage that you do not have to carry the book and you do not need to turn on the light in the airplane (.. I am always too small to reach the light on my own!).


I tend to get cold when I sleep which is why I always bring a sweater. A sweater is very useful when travelling because the temperature at your destination might change while you're travelling or it might be cold in the plane.

I cannot wait to pack my travel bag the week after next week to go back to Germany! I also got quite a few messages from Germany from current applicants to UWC - thank you all for your messages! I hope to hear from many of you and to help you guys as much as I can!

Lots of Love,



Shoes - Adidas

Leggings - Adidas

Sweater - private

Bag - Louis Vuitton

Key chain - Funk since 1776

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