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Boats & Bicycles

Hey loves!

This Wednesday, all LPCUWC students left campus to enjoy their block activities. My block went to the Tai Mai Tuk reservoir in Hong Kong where we went cycling. We had bicycles for three and four people and it was a lot of fun to ride them. My roommates and I went on a bike together and although we definitely lacked talent for the bike, we enjoyed ourselves a lot. We cycled along a dam and the view there is incredible!

We cycled along the dam once and then we sat down in front of where some small boats are stored. We just talked for hours and had a lot of fun. It was definitely a great way to end the term and say goodbye to our roommates until January.

Most of you guys will be reading this when I will already be in an airplane on its way to Germany. My roommates have already left campus and I will leave in a few hours. It feels weird that my third term at LPC is already over - to be honest, it feels like I have only been her for a few weeks. I will miss my roommates when I am back in Germany because we bonded a lot over the term and it will feel sort of empty to live in my own room again.

But I am also looking forward to going home and hugging my friends and family in Germany again. Leaving Hong Kong feels like leaving one home to visit another home. Many of us secondyears are also already becoming nostalgic because leaving for winter break made us realise that we only have one more term left. This is also true for me and I think that many of us will return for their last term with the hope to enjoy LPC as much as possible before leaving it forever.

The weather in Hong Kong is relatively warm in the moment with temperatures from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. This made it much harder for me to pack the right things because most of the stuff I have here in Hong Kong is way too cold for the weather in Germany. Although I am truly excited for the snow back in Germany, I am also a little bit scared of the cold because I am not used to it anymore. But let's just see how it goes!

I will be leaving Hong Kong shorty before midnight and luckily, my two German firstyears have a flight that departs ten minutes after mine which is why we will be leaving campus together. All students have to be off campus after 6pm which is why we will spend some time together at the airport, have dinner, and just hang around until we are all on our way to Germany. Now I got to finish packing my suitcase to make sure I will meet with them on time!

Lots of Love,


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