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Books to read in 2018

Hey loves!

Happy new year to you all! I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve and welcomed the new year in a positive way. New years mean new books and I decided to share some of my favourite books from 2017 with you to give you some inspiration for your 2018 reading list.


I read this book in the last days of 2017 and I love the fact that this was the last book I was reading in 2017 because the book puts you in a good mood. It is a very light read and I guess that it is more a love letter to all the Parisians than a tutorial how to be one. The book is written with a good amount of humour and is a must-read for every Paris-lover. You can read it within a few days (many of the pages are photographs but the photographs are the perfect addition to the text and fit very well) or read a couple of pages from it every once in a while. The book also contains some cool recipes and party games.


Paul Arden definitely knows how to motivate people. This book is not only aesthetically pleasing on every page (no kidding, the design of this book is awesome!) but also truly inspiring. It does not have much written text but it uses every word so effectively that it gets you in a mood where you want to work and achieve your goals. I would highly recommend reading this book when you are struggling with your school work or something else and need a motivational boost.


If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I love reading classics and this books is no exception. This book takes you to New York in the 1870s and gives you a taste of what life was like as a member of the upper class. When reading the book, I felt like I was almost in the same room as the characters thanks to Edith Wharton's detailed descriptions of everything. The book focuses on a young engaged couple in the upper class. Their relationship crumbles when the bride's cousin, a social outcast, arrives and the husband-to-be starts to take an interest in her. I read this book over a few weeks because the detailed descriptions of every small item make the plot move rather slow but I would still recommend reading this book and going on a little time travel with it.


This book will turn you into a silent observer of how the narrator gives his heart away, gets his heart broken, and does it all over again. While not revealing anything new about love, the author touches on various fields such as religion and psychology with his analysis and I loved the diversity this brought to the book. Another thing I love about this book is that the author admits to the flaws of the characters the narrator falls in love with. So the reader does not really fall for the characters the narrator falls for, but rather for their love and the relationship they build. Definitely a good read for anyone who wants a romantic book that makes you fall in love with love itself.


And another classic made it on this list. I just had to put this book here because I realised that I did not share my thoughts on it with you guys before. The plot of this book is too long and complicated to be summarised in a few sentences here but I can say that this book is one everybody should read. It is a quite long book but I read it in a about two weeks because I wanted to know what would happen next. I loved seeing how the characters went on this journey called life and seeing how they did and did not change over time.


This story of two brothers in 1980s Britain will break your heart but you will love this book anyway. The book tells the story of Leon and his baby brother who are given to a foster family. They have the same mother but different father which is why Leon is a mixed-race child while his abby brother is white. Their skin colour defines their chances of getting adopted because parents want to adopt white babies. Leon, as the older brother, is trying to stay with his brother but this is hard because the adults try to keep any tough news from him.

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