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The UWC Interview

Hey loves!

Since I uploaded my dorm room tour to Youtube a few months ago, many of you reached out to me with your questions about the application process. I received many questions regarding the interview that applicants are offered when applying to UWC and so I decided to make a list of my tips in another video. I hope that this helps some of you when preparing for your interview!

Here are the tips I gave in the video:

1. Be on time

I guess that this should be a given but I know of quite a few people who failed to be on time so I thought it would be good to remind everyone of this. The interviews are relatively short (mine were twenty minutes each), so you do not want to lose any time! And showing up late might make your interviewers feel like applying to UWC does not really matter to you.

2. Know your application inside out

Your interviewers will read your application very carefully and base their questions on it, so make sure that you know what you talked about in your application and that you can elaborate on the things written there!

3. Prepare for "Tell me something about yourself"

There is a relatively high chance of this question coming up in an interview. I would advise you to prepare an answer (less than a minute) and to start out with your age and where you are from. When you have covered this, you can talk about two to three extracurricular activities that mean a lot to you. You could then switch to a goal that you have or something else that you want to achieve. Try ending it on a positive note (e.g., if you have a funny talent, use that and tell them about it!)

4. Take your time

Your interviewers do not expect you to come up with an answer in one second, so take some time to structure your answers in your head. You can take a couple of seconds to do that and you can also let your interviewer know that you need to give the question some thought. Thinking a little about a question is not a negative characteristic - it shows that you are taking the interview seriously and that you are careful with your answers!

5. Prepare for your interview

Although UWC Germany states that you cannot prepare for the interviews, I would advise you to ask your teachers/relatives/friends to mock-interview you. Although they might not ask any questions you will be asked in the real interview, you will gain some confidence through these experiences. I would also advise you to videotape the interviews so you can look at

6. Read the news

Being aware of the world around you is crucial for being a UWC student and they will expect you to demonstrate that you know of different political issues around the world. I would encourage you to read a newspaper/news website at least once a week so that you have an idea of what is going on in the world.

7. Treat your interviewers like they want you to get in

Because they do. They really do. And when you treat them as friendly people, you will automatically like them more and this will make it much easier to talk to them during the interview.

I hope that my tips helped some of you!

Lots of Love,


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