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To the Caribbean and Back

Hey loves!

Last week, one of LPC's cultural groups organised a cultural evening for the whole school. The Caribbean and Latin-American Cultural Evening (CLACE) took place on Saturday evening and it was an incredible experience. They started the event in our canteen with self-made food for the whole school. We then moved to the assembly hall and watched their well-planned performance. The cultural group managed to combine both the beautiful sides of their countries with reports about issues in their countries. Anything from beautiful beaches to the issue of femicide was addressed and I learned a lot through the evening. I attached a few pictures of their awesome performances for you guys.

The title picture was taken during the performance of one of our first years. He comes from Trinidad and his performance moved everyone in the assembly hall. He performed a solo dance about his country's struggles for independence and although not a single word was spoken in the performance, everyone understood and felt for his nation's story.

This week was packed with exams because my school has organised our mock exams. Luckily, I only had one exam per day (some had up to two exams because there is an afternoon and a morning session). Although it was quite stressful to prepare for all these exams, I also appreciate the experience because it makes you feel less nervous about your final exams. I will have three more exams next week and when our exams end on Tuesday, our Chinese New Year break begins.

I am quite excited for our Chinese New Year break because it will follow our exams and then you really feel like you deserve the break. I hope to catch up on a few books that I wanted to read for quite a while during the break and I will also make my study schedule for my final exams. I can almost not believe that it is already February and that I only have three months left in this beautiful place.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your lovely comments on my latest YouTube video - it means a lot to me since editing a video takes quite a while for me because I do not have any experience at doing this!

Lots of Love,


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