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Hey loves!

Our study leave is only one week away and so our teachers took us out for one last afternoon free of study notes and deadlines. It was our final block activity of the year and my block decided to go to the beach in Gold Coast. One of the students from our block came up with the idea and organised a sandcastle competition. It might sound silly at first, but we all had so much fun with the competition. We were supposed to only spend one hour on building our sandcastles, but we actually ended up building them for over two hours. We really enjoyed the process and found out that it is quite hard to build a sandcastle. We worked in works of roommates and each group had one square meter of sand to get creative. Some of the students got super creative in the process and one group even built a small sphinx and buried a speaker in a plastic bag in the castle so that the castle had music. I attached a picture of their art to this article. We also had some time to go into the water and swim. All in all, I am very grateful for this one afternoon of a break from my exam preparations.

This day was also a good relaxing time after the craziness that came with university applications. Most of the university decisions were released a week ago and there were good news for some but not so good news for others. I was lucky to get offers from universities in the UK, the USA, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. I am still in the process of deciding where I will be going but I will definitely let you guys know once I made a final decision. One of the universities which made me an offer, Yale-NUS in Singapore, invited me to Singapore next weekend to get to know them. I accepted their invitation and I am looking forward to going there and re-visiting Singapore! One of my friends from LPC also received an offer of admission from Yale-NUS and we will go to Singapore together. And I will also meet many of the people who attended NYUAD's Candidate Weekend in Abu Dhabi again.

Other than this exciting trip coming up, I have been pretty occupied with preparing for my exams but this busy time has also made me realise how grateful I am for the support from all the people around me. My roommates and my friends here at LPC totally understand the stress that comes with the exams but my friends in Germany are also super helpful. They are currently in the process of preparing for their A levels themselves, but they still manage to cheer me up! I also do my best to help them through this stressful final bit of our time in high school. I am also super grateful to my mom and my aunts who support me from home. My mom keeps sending me pictures and videos about my rabbit's adventures at home and they always manage to make me smile.

By the way, I have been receiving quite a few messages from you guys about your applications and I am so glad to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my UWC experience.

Lots of Love,


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