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Hello everyone!

Two weeks ago, I visited Yale-NUS in Singapore. The college invites all their admitted students for a weekend to Singapore to get to know each other and see the college. Many of the people who I met during NYU Abu Dhabi's candidate weekend were there and I was glad to see so many of them again. I had been to Singapore a few years back and I was excited to go back.

During the weekend, we visited Yale-NUS College's campus, drove around Singapore, and had a lot of time to talk to the current students and the staff. I was surprised to see so much going on on the campus of such a small college. You could tell that the students were genuinely in love with their college which showed me that the college could be a good choice. We got to attend two sample classes from the common curriculum and it gave me a sense of what it would be like to study the common curriculum at the school. We also had one evening where current students presented different activities to us. We got to listen to some people singing songs from their home countries, others performing K-pop dances, and others cooking traditional dishes for us.

The diversity of the student body is something that really amazed me. Being at LPC made me realise how valuable diversity is and how much it can teach you. Therefore, this aspect of the school was a big plus for me. Unfortunately, the weekend was very packed and there were so many people that it was virtually impossible to talk to all of them. But the people I met were very engaged with their passions back home and each and everyone of them had amazing stories to tell.

When returning to Hong Kong in the night of Sunday to Monday, I was officially on my study leave to prepare for my final exams. Some students will already have their first exam today. Luckily, my exams only start next week and I will take my math exam next week. I will have exams in the coming three weeks and after that, I will have to pack up my room, walk over a stage during my graduation ceremony, and then it will be time to hop on a plane back to Germany. I have not yet finalised my decision on where I will study after graduating from LPC but I will share my decision soon with you guys!

I am glad to see so many of you guys write to me - I love hearing your stories and answering your questions! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you guys have any questions.

Lots of Love,


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